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Versus Vs. Versus: Online Gaming Vs. Couch Gaming (Ft. Adam Pally)

Playing video games with friends has evolved quite a bit since the good old days of two controller ports. On one hand, we’ve seen innovations that keep friends in the same room, like the multitap and consoles with additional controller ports. On the other hand, however, we’ve seen the rise of online gaming, which usually pits players in separate houses, sometimes spread out across the entire globe, against one another. Sure, both of these forms of group gaming have their pros and their cons, but there comes a time in every man and woman’s life when he or she has to stop and question which is the absolute best way to game with a group of friends.

Join us in a showdown of epic proportions, as actor, comedian, and spokesperson for Ubisoft’s upcoming fitness game Shape Up, Adam Pally, goes one on one with yours truly in an incredible debate over whether online gaming or couch gaming is the ultimate way to play video games with your buddies. Mr. Pally advocated for the side of couch gaming, arguing that the authenticity of being physically present during social interaction while gaming is supreme. I, on the other hand, argued that online gaming is far more beneficial and doesn’t require on having to worry about pals doing irreparable damage to my pantry and my bathroom.

Do you prefer gaming online with your friends across the world? Is the definitive way to game with your friends in your living room on your couch? Let us know which side of this debate are you on in the comments below

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  1. PheFo says:

    No online experience can ever beat having your friends over for an all night session of Tekken. It can never top the feeling of walking into an arcade (good luck finding one these days) and seeing that brand new cabinet with a line stretching down the isle. These things are all but gone completely.
    I would give up every online game for just ONE of those moments again. If you don’t understand what I mean, go to YoVideogames on Youtube and watch their 8-Player Smash Bros. videos. I don’t even like Smash, but those videos put a huge smile on my face. The love, the laughter, and the saltiness is better experienced face to face, not face-cam to face-cam. Or in most cases these days, headset to headset. It’s just not the same in my opinion.

  2. “What do you say to that?” “You hear that alot… from murderers…”

     Lolol, I’m in tears. I love both sides really, there’s something special about having people over and playing games together, but there aren’t as many of those games, and doing that every time you want to play multiplayer can be difficult with “adult schedules”. Plus that screen real estate, and I won’t hear complaints about my junk hanging out if I’m playing in my boxers, XD