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The Best-Worst of Jessica Chobot 2015

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

It’s Christmas Day, and that means it’s time for Jessica Chobot, Malik Forte, Dan Casey, and Kyle Hill to finally find out who their Secret Santas are. Who got Malik a new crisp pair of white jeans? Who got Dan a giant tub of scrumptious mayonnaise? Who got Kyle a beautiful new hair brush? And who edited together the best-worst behind-the-scenes bloopers from Jessica Chobot this year?! Whoever it was, they really know our hosts like the back of their hands, and filled them all with the Christmas spirit!

Join Jessica Chobot and our cool-as-ice, sunglasses-wearing Secret Santa™ to see the reel of accidentally-on-purpose hilarious moments from your beloved host of Nerdist News, The Chobonator! We’re talking the silliest, goofiest, most comical, hysterical, ludicrous, ridiculous, comedic, riotous, farcical, droll, humorous, sidesplitting, chucklesome, laughable, uproarious, wittiest, most charming, entertaining, slapstick, clownish, priceless, zany, most whimsical, magical, mystical, jolly, mirthful, jovial, gleeful, amusing, madcap, blithesome, jocose, most unbelievable, gut-bustingly funniest antics you’ve ever seen!

Thanks for watching today’s show! Check out the rest of our year-in-review coverage to find out which television shows, movies, comics, anime and more were worthy of earning a spot on our Best of 2015 lists. And don’t miss new episodes of Nerdist: Play, The Dan Cave, and Because Science from Malik, Dan and Kyle later this week. The Nerdist don’t stop!

But what were some of your favorite Chobot moments from this year (that did make it on-screen)? Let us know in the comments below!

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