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THE WALKING DEAD’s Corey Brill Sings ‘The Ballad of Porchdick’

Recently, on an episode of The Talking Dead, our fearless leader Chris Hardwick uttered 9 letters that would forever change actor Corey Brill’s life. Those nine letters spelled a singular term: “porchdick”. For those of you who may be wondering, a “porchdick” is exactly what it sounds like.

Porchdick – (n.) – A dick that sits, stands, or generally exists on a porch. Occasionally, verandas are also permitted.

For context, here is the original clip:

On The Walking Dead, Brill portrays Pete, Jessie’s churlish, surly husband and the Alexandria town doctor. His bedside manner isn’t the only thing that needs work though. When he’s not smoking on the porch or showing up to Rick’s house visibly drunk, he’s abusing his wife and son. Most of all, he’s just a real dick. Usually from the safety of his porch. After all, even dicks like chillin’ in the shade.

But in real life, Brill is nothing like the man he plays on screen. He is a loving husband, a veteran actor of stage and screen, and handy with a ukelele. Yet, the internet persists in calling him “Porchdick” as though it were the name printed on his government-issued I.D. Rather than keep his silence, Brill has penned a brand new tune to celebrate his newly minted nickname, which we have affectionately dubbed “The Ballad of Porchdick”. So today, we recommend staying in the house with Coral and bumping this anthem on repeat.

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  1. Donna Torchwood says:

    Wondering if Nick Lea is still being called “ratboy”. Nick played Alex Krycek in The X Files.

  2. Renae says:

    I almost don’t want Pete to die now.  That’s the greatest thing I’ve seen on the internet today.

  3. grimdel` says:

    Hey Chris/Brill – any chance on releasing an mp3?

  4. Jynxie says:

    Hey he can’t be that bad he had the same ukulele as I do!  Wait does that make me porchcooch?

  5. malcolm says:

    Is that Doug Benson at the end?

  6. CC says:


  7. Wre says:

    That was great and charming! (porchdick can be charming!?)  Now I am wishing this actor all kinds of goodwill. He won me over.

  8. Lindsey says:

    HA!  Perfect!  I wonder if porch dicks are a southern thing because we spend so much time on our porches?  They’re totally a neighborhood fixture.

  9. Jennifer says:

    That is hilarious.

  10. rianna says:

    Video is not working. FIXITFIXITFIXIT!!!!