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Because Science

The Scientifically Accurate Way to Stab a Zombie

If you know anything about zombies, it’s probably that should you ever encounter one of these unholy shamblers, go for the head. Given that the brain inside that head is the locus for how we move and plan and bite stuff, attacking a zombie’s grey matter is a sensible choice. But is it the best choice?

In my latest Because Science, I’m using basic anatomy and neuroscience to figure out where the best place to stab a zombie is. “Going for the brain” also means going through the skull, a complicated structure in its own right. So where on the skull should you attack? It’s definitely not “anywhere,” as Daryl may have you believe. Pfft. Daryl.

And given how complicated the skull is, we have to ask, is going through the skull, or even going for the brain, the wisest option? I don’t think it is, but you’ll have to watch my latest episode above to find out why!

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