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Drive, He Said

Before it gets taken down, here’s the audio of a trailer for the upcoming movie Drive synced with Star Wars visuals. The result:

“I drive for movies… it’s only part time.” Han sounds suspiciously like Ryan Gosling, probably because it IS Ryan Gosling’s voice. Drive, by the way, about a moonlighting stunt driver who ends up targeted for a hit after things go wrong, features this week’s podcast guest Bryan Cranston, and that’s Albert Brooks as “Bernie Rose,” who, in this version, does not look like Albert Brooks.  For comparison’s sake, here’s the red band trailer for Drive:

Looks interesting either way.

HT: BuzzFeed

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  1. rhys says:

    Did you see the trailer for this movie?

    I just came across it and it looks kind of funny. Reminds me of Mystery Team a little bit in that it’s kind of a farce of horror movies. The basic premise is these obnoxious teenagers come to the woods and think these two hillbillies are trying to kill them, when the hillbillies are actually just really nice and it’s all a bunch of misunderstandings. Tyler Labine and Alan Tudyk are the hillbillies.

  2. Geoff says:

    Awesome mash-up. I wish more were this creative and well done. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Aaron says:

    Unrelated: Jonah Ray is great in “Intimate Indiscretions.”

  4. Lucy says:

    I’m a little ashamed I hadn’t heard of this movie before last week. Will definitely be seeing it.

  5. Nerdrage Mustache says:

    Is there anything that can’t be improved with the addition of Star Wars? As long as Lucas isn’t doing the adding…he states with unveiled bitterness.

  6. PapaFrita says:

    Mash-ups like these are all over YouTube, but rarely have this kind of attention to detail. And Han Solo as a mercenary getaway driver? Of course he is.

  7. Livius says:

    I like the mash up.
    Been looking forward to this movie for months now. Love Gosling’s work.

  8. jay says:

    wow! Drive look’s so much better then any of the driving movie out there.

  9. Devin Smail says:

    Incredibly well done mashup! The movie looks fantastic too, but I can’t take Albert Brooks seriously as a badass mob guy. Every time I hear his voice I picture Russ Cargill.