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Because Science

How Thor’s Summons His Mighty Hammer, Explained by Science

If you’ve ever seen an episode of Because Science you could probably guess that I’m a fan of Thor. And over the years, I’ve attempted to science everything about the Asgardian deity, from how he calls down lightning, to how he flies, to whether or not a Jedi could lift his hammer Mjolnir, to what would happen if the weapon shattered. But we’ve never attempted to explain how Thor summons his hammer. Well, it’s time to put the hammer down and figure it out.

In my latest Because Science, I’m going back to gravity to posit how Thor is able to throw his hammer, extend his hand, and have it return to him. It’s the coolest and most magical looking of the god’s powers, and I think there’s a way to make it more magic than science. And all we have to do is change the fabric of the universe! Simple.

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