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Watch Tiny Donuts Being Made in This Fascinating Video

Tiny things are my kryptonite. Show me something I love, but make it smaller? I’m suddenly all the more infatuated. So when you take my one true love– donuts– and make them on a small scale, it’s riveting to watch.

Korean youtuber mimine mini has established an entire channel about her crafting small things. We’re talking working blenders, miniscule knives, things that don’t need to be tiny but are and fans are loving it.

Her latest upload Miniature Donuts sets itself apart from other tiny donut making videos (oh yes, there are other tiny donut making videos) by not only showing the process, but placing them into a tiny Krispy Kreme knock off replica box featuring her name that she of course crafted herself.

In the video she starts by mixing together the dry ingredients, then magically cracking the world’s tiniest egg. Now don’t go crazy searching the internet for tiny eggs, cause that would be crazy, and something I did for way longer than I should’ve only to realize that it was slight of hand. She hand crafted the eggs, then cleverly used editing to make it look like the egg was cracked into the bowl. Yes, I spent 15 minutes of my life searching the internet for tiny eggs, and no I don’t think it was a waste of time.

After the dough is mixed, rolled and cut out, she lights a fire and fries them over a tiny candlelit stovetop. The donuts are then rolled in powdered sugar, frosted with chocolate, and ready to place in their custom made teeny tiny box.

The video is fascinating to watch and will definitely make you crave donuts. Except, I think I’ll need about 50 of those mini ones, which should only take about ten hours to make.

Check out the full Tiny Donuts video on youtube.

Would you spend the time making tiny donuts or just spend your time eating them? Let us know in the comments!

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