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Carol’s WALKING DEAD Cookie Cupcakes

There’s just one more episode of this season’s The Walking Dead and the build up has been intense, filled with unexpected deaths, street fights through windows, and cookies. Oh, the cookies. Imagine cookies so good you’d risk your life for them. That’s how good Carol’s Cookies are.

AMC posted the recipe to Carol’s cookies and as it turns out, they truly are worth being threatened over. Per the directions, I don’t know what’s more interesting, that Carol substituted applesauce for eggs or that she has time to use a double-boiler during the apocalypse.

I tied this season back to the beginning by making up a batch of Carol’s scary cookies and using them as toppers for cupcakes, cutting a few into the shape of the Cafeteria doors that Rick saw in episode one, emblazoned with the words “Don’t Open, Dead Inside.” Instead of spray paint I used icing–there’s a pro-tip for you. A few doll arms stood in for Walker hands and the cupcakes were ready to go.


I took these to the set of Talking Dead where Chris Hardwick and guests Chandler Riggs, Gale Ann Hurd and Yvette Nicole Brown, all got a taste of these sweet Walker cupcakes. Make your own Carol’s Cookie Cupcakes and ready yourself for this Sunday’s finale of The Walking Dead!

Carols Cookie Cupcakes recipe-03232015

Carol’s Cookie Cupcakes
(makes 12)

– 12 cupcakes, baked and frosted
– Carol’s Cookies
– black icing
– 8 small doll arms

Cut two rectangles out of the center of each cookie.

With a #2 piping tip write “Don’t Open” on one side and “Dead Inside” on the other.

Place two doll arms into the center of the cupcake, horizontally. Tilt the cookies on either side of the doll arms, using the frosting to hold them in place.

Once the piping is set the cupcakes are ready to serve.

What are you making for your Walking Dead finale party? How about a little Bob’s Footloaf? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #CookingDead!

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