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Catherine Tate Reunites with David Tennant in DUCKTALES

Disney XD’s DuckTales reboot is where to find adventure, excitement, and a Doctor Who reunion. Catherine Tate has joined the cast of the animated series, which includes David Tennant as Scrooge McDuck. Ahh, the Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble together again. But it’s not like their characters are pals in DuckTales. Tate, as we learned through Den of Geek, is the voice of the sorceress Magica De Spell. Insert ominous music here.

Tate sounds convincingly spooky in this clip from Saturday’s episode:

The sneaky sorceress’ history goes back to the comics by Carl Barks. Magica is known for constantly trying to take Scrooge McDuck’s first coin, excuse me, his Number One Dime, and generally causing problems. She appeared in the animated series from the late ’80s (voiced by the late June Foray), and she just started flapping her nefarious feathers in the reboot.

Teased at the end of the fourth episode as the aunt of the new character Lena, Magica made her debut–in shadow form only so far–in Saturday’s episode, “Terror of the Terra-Firmians.”

What do you think about Tate as Magica De Spell? Do you hope to see more of the character in DuckTales? Quack your thoughts out in the comments?

Images: BBC, Disney XD

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