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Neil Gaiman Shares a Pic of Archangel Jon Hamm in GOOD OMENS

We knew we were in for a devilish good time when it was announced that Michael Sheen and David Tennant would be starring in Amazon’s Good Omens adaptation. But since seeing is believing, we’re even more jazzed about the program now that we’re catching glimpses of Sheen, Tennant, and everything in between.

Update, 11/30/17 – As much as we’ve enjoyed peeping Sheen and Tennant in their respective angelic and demonic Good Omen garbs so far, we’ve really been eager to get an eyeful of Jon Hamm as archangel Gabriel. As if there was any doubt that Hamm would fill out his proverbial wings quite nicely, we now have photographic proof, courtesy of Neil Gaiman himself:

Quite an upgrade in class since we last saw him in Baby Driver, don’t ya think?

9/20/17 – Neil Gaiman has shared more photos from the set of Good Omens, including two more looks at David Tennant’s Crowley, both in his modern day form and circa his time in Victorian Era England.

This show looks like it will be a lot of fun for the costume designer.

9/18/17 – The original novel’s co-author and series adaptation’s showrunner Neil Gaiman hit Twitter with the photo of the angel-and-demon dup, depicted in the series’ opening scene (which is meant to take place “11 years ago”). Tennant‘s demon Crowley and his (obviously very appropriate) devil-may-care look makes it seem as though he rolled out of bed at 5 p.m. with just enough time for him to make his concert that night. Meanwhile, Sheen‘s costume for his angel Aziraphale could help him pass as a ’60s era Doctor Who. Considering who he is standing next to, that makes us very happy.

No surprise that Crawley has managed to keep up with the style of the times, whereas Aziraphale looks like he forgot–or better yet didn’t care–to update his closet while reading his dusty old books. Out of touch or not, we are over the moon for how both Tennant and Sheen look in this first image, and can’t wait to see them trading devilish mayhem and angelic do-goodery in action once the series hits next year.

What do you think of these costumes? Do they match your expectations from the novel? Tell us why in the comments below.

Featured Image: BBC

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