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ThinkGeek Unveils MAD MAX: FURY ROAD Power Wheels

Start your engines, wasteland warriors, and buckle up for adventure because ThinkGeek is rolling out a new line of Mad Max-inspired Power Wheels just in time for spring! With ThinkGeek’s new Power Wheels Desert Drifters, you and your friends can get beyond Thunderdome in style, roving the post-apocalyptic wastes, scavenging the scorched remains of the Earth — all before it’s time to come inside for dinner.

With three fun styles, to choose from — the Fury Roadster, the Master Blaster ATV, and the Rage Rover — these are the perfect party wagons for patrolling the badlands with your preteen posse. Watch the carnage unfold in the video above, then feast your eyes on these seriously sweet whips below:

Mad Max Power Wheels product shot

Oh what a day! What a lovely day it is for a drive through the desiccated husk of society with your fellow scavengers. Find out how you can buy one of your very own right here!

Mad Max Power Wheels 4

But that’s not all ThinkGeek has up their sleeves this spring. The geeky gear gurus have cooked up a seriously impressive array of awesome items for your purchasing pleasure.

Are you a fan of murder mystery board games and sprawling prestige television series full of intrigue and drama? Well, clear your schedule and get ready to play some Game of Thrones Edition Clue! 

Game of Thrones Clue

Speaking of Game of Thrones, why not pick up a new Hodor Travel Buddy GPS to help you navigate the perilous Kingsroad in your neck of the woods?

Hodor GPS 1

This Voltron Cat Condo is purr-fect for your little lions.

Voltron Cat Condo 2

Play Dishonored as authentically as possible with this actual steam-powered Steam Machine!

Steam-Powered Steam Machine


Why take just one selfie when you can document your every little action with a 360-degree Selfie Rig? #NoFilter

Selfie Rig 1


All this reading probably left you a little bit parched, huh? Well, it’s a good thing that new Guardians of the Galaxy Groot Beer and Rocket Fuel are here to slake your thirst.


Guardians of the Galaxy - Groot Beer and Rocket Fuel


Last but not least, the Encounter Wearable Quest wristband will turn your life into a RPG in no time flat. Just remember to send some of that gold and experience our way.


Encounter Wearable Quest 2

Check out a complete gallery of ThinkGeek’s latest product line — including the Power Wheels Desert Drifters — down below.

Which style of Desert Drifter is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!




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