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Are THE WALKING DEAD TV Shows Going To Merge?

While The Walking Dead television series was born out of the hit comic book by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard, the spin-off prequel Fear the Walking Dead has, through three seasons, had no direct link between the two shows. That is, until Lennie James‘ Morgan Jones was added to the fourth season of Fear. But, that could be only the beginning of the crossovers. Today’s Nerdist News is investigating the possibility that AMC may merge the two Walking Dead series into one.

Join host and the fastest runner among the walkers, Jessica Chobot, as she explains the theories about the future of The Walking Dead. The one thing that we can throw out right away is the notion that Morgan’s stint on Fear will fit between his first appearance in the pilot episode of the mothership and his return years later. If airplanes were still in use, then maybe that could have been a possibility. But if Morgan was traveling by foot, then there just doesn’t seem to be enough time to make it work.

But to bring Fear‘s timeline up to date with the original series may require a time jump for both shows. The third season finale of Fear suggested that the action was moving to Texas, but there weren’t any hints about Morgan’s arrival. As it turns out, Morgan may not be alone on his journey. Melissa McBride was recently spotted on Fear‘s set, although the network line is that she was only “visiting” her friends and colleagues. But what if Carol is also coming to the series?

For starters, it would open the door for characters from Fear to appear alongside characters from the comic. It’s long been a popular rumor that Madison could be the leader of the Whisperers, a group of fanatical survivors who use walker skins to move among them. Way back when Fear made its debut, we were told that it was the origin story of a Colonel Kurtz-like character. Beyond Madison and Nick, there aren’t many characters left who could fit that bill.

We also like the idea of Nick potentially making his way to the main series and finding a father figure with Rick. Without Carl, the show needs someone to fill the void left by his departure and take his place in upcoming storylines. There’s no definitive proof that this the direction the shows will follow, but it could go a long way towards revitalizing interest in the franchise.

What do you think about the chances of a Walking Dead/Fear the Walking Dead merger? Take a few bites in the comment section below!

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