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Gaming Daily: No MARCUS FENIX Collection?

What a strange Thursday it has been. Who would have thought the fallout between Hideo Kojima and Konami would have ever come to pass? For it to be this abrupt whilst in the middle of multiple projects is bizarre at best. We are sure more news will be coming out as more people involved in the situation begin to speak about it, so be on the lookout for updates from us. Hopefully Metal Gear Solid V Phantom Pain is still on track. Fortunately for us the game world continued on with its business and we are here to help you consume it whilst you relax. On today’s Microsoft filled Gaming Daily: No Marcus Fenix Collection on Xbox One, Black Tusk producer says, say yes to Alan Wake HD Remastered as a pre-order bonus, and Conker makes his furry return on Project Spark.


No Marcus Fenix Collection says Black Tusk producer

In a surprising turn of events, Koji…oh nevermind we already covered that. No Kojima at Konami has us in disarray here. Anyways, aside from the surprising MGS news, Black Tusk Studios producer, Rod Fergusson tweeted out that there will not be a Marcus Fenix Collection on Xbox One despite everyone loving the idea. Before you go off moping about this, he does mention that the team is working on other Gears of War projects–emphasis on the plural of project. Ending his tweet with “See you at E3” strongly hints that we will get some sort of announcement this June.

It doesn’t make much sense to not have the HD collection on the Xbox One considering that outside of Halo, Gears of War is arguably Microsoft’s best franchise. Therefore, we are not convinced that a collection isn’t coming. The way the tweet was worded leaves plenty of room for interpretation. Some other Microsoft-owned developer could be working on the title and this could just be a ploy to surprise everyone later this year. It could also just be titled something else since he says that there is “no Marcus Fenix Collection,” and could actually be something like, “Gears of War Collection,” so he wouldn’t be wrong. We won’t let the dream die, damn it!


Alan Wake HD Remastered Edition may be coming our way

In a recent survey released by Microsoft, there are a couple of questions in there that hint that Alan Wake would make its way onto Xbox One as a remastered game. If you thought the Gears of War news was a sign that Microsoft was staying away from HD remakes– think again. Of course, there is nothing concrete here, and we the title may never make its way to current-gen– though these questions say otherwise. The survey asks two important questions, would you recommend Alan Wake to a friend or family member? And “would Alan Wake Remastered be a good incentive to pre-order Quantum Break?” Let’s be honest, we would all recommend this game to our grandmas for sure.

As previously mentioned, nothing is concrete yet and it won’t be until Microsoft officially reveals it. Yet that won’t stop us from speculating, and for good reason. The flashlight has been pointed in the direction of good signs, we say.


Conker making his way onto Project Spark

In the final Microsoft news bonanza or should we nutnanza, starting April 23rd you will be able to use Conker in all of their creations. This is a sweet new addition for people that have the creative itch and want to add the little potty mouthed fur ball to their worlds. Conker’s Big Reunion: Episode 1 will also be launching that day so you can get all your Conker filling in one day.

The new teaser trailer gives us a little peek at what to expect in the future release. It looks wacky and there are guns, what more could you want? Oh yeah, excrement, that is there as well. All bases seemed to be covered.

No word on any sort of pricing for this additional content yet but it will be playable on the free Project Spark. Surely fans of the original game would have liked to see an entirely new game but take what you can get is a philosophy best suited for this situation.

That marks the end of our Gaming Daily for this fond Thursday. Weird Kojima news for sure, but hey, a good day to be an Xbox One owner. Remaster yourself to the comments section below, and let us know: are you tired of the HD remakes? Do you want the Gears of War Collection for the Xbox One? For all your nerdy gaming news keep it here on The Nerdist.

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  1. I would totally pre-order “Quantam Break” if it came with BOTH Alan Wakes. 

  2. Orionsangel says:

    It could just be called, The Gears of War collection. They could also announce the 4 original Gears games on Steam with Windows 10 cross platforming. One can dream.