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Gaming Daily: Square Enix Teases New JRPG– Please be Excited

Who doesn’t love Tuesdays? It is the wonderful day here in North America where all the new games we have been waiting for finally release. Though Nintendo may have been the one to steal the headlines with their alliance with DeNA, Square Enix had their own exciting news. Today was a doozy for the Japanese company, as they  released the Final Fantasy XV Demo and of course Type-0 HD remake finally hit the market.  That’s not the only reason Square is in the news–on today’s Gaming Daily: Square Enix teases a new JRPG for home consoles and doesn’t beg us to be excited for some reason, new Helldivers DLC deploys, and Elder Scrolls Online drops the subscription fee on PC and Mac. All aboard the Square Enix hype train.


Square Enix Teases New JRPG for Home Consoles 

If you are a fan of Square Enix’s Final Fantasy series, you are having a pretty good day with the release of both Final Fantasy Type-0 on home consoles and the demo of their next big title Final Fantasy XV. That may be enough for most people but just to go Square Enix overload, president Yosuke Matsuda teased a brand new JRPG.

Nikkei Trendy revealed in an interview, “For fiscal 2015, I think we have a considerable amount of high-end games both inside and outside the country…Starting with Final Fantasy XV, we’ll be putting out news for Japanese RPGs.” Without going to deep into what news he is talking about, he states , “a JRPG for home game machine.”

Now, that is extremely vague and doesn’t tell us anything about what game is being teased, we just wish someone would have came out and said, “Please be excited”. Final Fantasy VII remake jokes aside, Square Enix is doing a decent job of getting a positive buzz for their now released and future titles. The HD Remake of Final Fantasy Type-0 released today to overall positive reviews and the HD release of Final Fantasy VII is due out soon as well which should keep the good vibes going.

Square Enix just might be on the up and up after the brand has been somewhat tarnished with not so hot titles they have released in the last few years.

Helldivers deploys new DLC

ArrowHead Studios, creators of Helldivers, announced the release of their three new DLC packs for their top down shooter which we loved. The great news is that the packs are available right now. The three packs are the Commando Pack, Defenders Pack, and the Support Pack. Each pack includes a new cosmetic outfit,a nifty new weapon, and a new stratagem. These are nice small additions that could go a long way to improve your arsenal.

If you wish to purchase the DLC packs you can either buy the bundle which includes all three packs, saving you $3.00 or you can purchase each pack separately for $3.00. In my review of the game I stated that part of the excitement of this game is the type of support the developer could provide, prolonging the enjoyment of the title and it looks like they took very little time to roll out that support.

There is also another pack rewarded to you instantly for “enrolling” in the Helldivers program. So in other words, if purchase the game before 4/28/2015 and you get some free gear.

Elder Scrolls Online-03172015

Elder Scrolls Online drops subscription 

Well we saw this coming from a mile away, Elder Scrolls Online is now subscription free. This large MMORPG has yet to hit home consoles but it is coming fairly soon which was already revealed to not include a required subscription so it is only fair that the PC version also drops the monthly rate as well.

Not to get confused, you still need to purchase the game in order to play it. You just won’t need to shell out some cash every month to enjoy it. What is so significant about this is that subscription based gaming is going out of style and not a viable option for games not named World of Warcraft. More and more games are going free to play and just dropping the monthly subscription price tag, instead opting to try and entice players to spend their money on their game in other ways.

That does it for today’s Gaming Daily. Overall it was a good day for RPG fans and an even better day for Square Enix fans. Deploy down to the comments section below and let us know what you want as a new Square title and whether you will be purchasing the new Helldivers DLC. For all of your nerdy needs, keep it here on The Nerdist.

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    Maybe they’ll utilize that incredible Agni’s Philosophy demo footage for something? I’d love to see that expanded into a full game.