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Square Announces Alluring FINAL FANTASY Fighting Game

Want to know something worth flipping tables over? I got you covered! There’s a face-meltingly euphoric looking Final Fantasy fighting game that is hitting arcades in Japan. Dissidia Final Fantasy was announced as the next installment in the Dissidia series today during the Japan Amusement Expo in Chiba. It’s table-flippable (in the best of ways) that this game wasn’t announced for consoles, and to say that the game is a thing of beauty would be the most indolent of understatements. Hurry and take a look at the teaser trailer that was made public today:

Dissidia Final Fantasy features a three-versus-three combat system, gorgeous visuals when compared to the series’ previous entries, and characters from across the Final Fantasy universe such as Lightning (Final Fantasy XIII), Terra Branford (Final Fantasty VI), and Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy VII). No word on if any Final Fantasy XV characters will be making an appearance in the this– though I’m sure that if we needed any badasses in black to grace the roster, Sephiroth would be more than willing to make a return. Please, Square Enix, for the love of Aerith, bring this game to consoles worldwide. I’m losing my flipping chocobos just thinking about not having this!

Would you tie yourself to a chair and watch that very sad scene from Final Fantasy VII one hundred times on repeat to get your hands on this game? Omnislash your thoughts into the comments below.

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  1. Spokey Dokey says:

    The Dissidia games for PSP looked beautiful, but the gameplay on them was a fucking train wreck.  If these games weren’t Final Fantasy flavored, they wouldn’t sell at all.

  2. Andy says:

    SOOOO… Thanks for the carrot and all. I guess I’d listen to all of the chocobo theme songs ever on repeat. Or maybe title credits from all FF games ever. 

  3. Baketastic says:

    I would breed and easy a golden choocobo  while getting hot by knights of the round while fighting Seperoth, in other words I’d die.

  4. no says:

    Huge FF fan…huge fighting game fan.  Could not run away from this fast enough… 

  5. Ben Snyder says:

    I would do anything to get this game on a console. 3 vs 3 would be amazing. It would be like a 3D arena Super Smash Bros. game but for Final Fantasy.

  6. Aron says:

    Hell yes give me Kain Highwind from IV or Freya from IX, and if we’re talking classic chars, how about vivi? I know, from IX, but he’s the archetypal blm.

  7. captain obvious says:

    This looks exactly like dissidia duodecim

  8. Rei says:

    I wish this was multiplayer, Hell I wish this franchise was… Only time was Crystal Chronicles for gamecube… Need more multiplayer.

  9. Shoryuken says:

    Does no one remember Ehrgeiz and how badass that was?

    • Rei says:

      I remember that game and I loved it! But It wasn’t a Final Fantasy game, it just had a small few of them, but boy I miss it!

  10. UkiyaSeed says:

    More pre-FFVII characters please. Come on, I need my pirate princess with pink hair and her equally badass sister from FFV.

  11. Grave says:

    Show me Kain highwind and I’m sold… I’ll move to Japan on back of a chocobo!

  12. Pluto says:

    ‘m confused. So it’s a remake of the first Dissidia game? also, it will most certainly be on the Vita (Which I am very OK with, since I’m one of the few that has one lol)

    • Jer says:

      It actually looks like a different game looking at the character models and the environments. Also l don’t think the gameplay was previously 3 vs 3

    • Naes says:

      It isn’t. It’s just an arcade game for now. There’s a chance for no story in it

  13. TinyGibbons says:

    I would eat a cactuar raw to get my hands on this game.