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GAME OF THRONES First-Timer Explains Last Week’s Episode

Into Game of Thrones seventh season we’ve not only come to accept certain strange truths about the show and its characters, we wouldn’t have it any other way. But if you just jumped into the series you’d probably be confused by….uh…everything. Like who did the queen who looks like Lord of the Rings‘ Legolas hook up with to make dragon children, and OH GOD THOSE TWO FROM THE SEXY TIME ARE REALLY BROTHER AND SISTER?

Those are just some of the many great questions about last week’s episode raised by first time Game of Thrones viewer Steve (who we learned about at Mashable), who did a video break down of the third episode of the CURRENT season.

Using the awesome power of context clues he understood far more than you might have guessed, like how you can’t trust Baelish and Bran has possibly lost his mind, but the parts that threw him for a loop are spectacular.

It’s impressive, and his prediction that this could all end with Peter Dinklage on the Iron Throne is far from crazy. And though we don’t really agree with him, every time we see Missandei now we’re going to think “black Emma Watson.”

As far as him making up names for everyone to keep them straight, I know people who have watched the show for years, have seen every episode, constantly read recaps and breakdowns, and ask me a million questions, and they still don’t know the characters’ real names either.

And I’d know exactly who they meant if they asked me about the “Bastard King.”

If a first time viewer can figure that out, what’s their excuse?

What did you think of this breakdown? What most impressed you, and what did you find funniest? Tell us in the comments below.

Images: HBO

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