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Aww, Peter Capaldi’s So Embarrassed About His DOCTOR WHO Fanboy Past

I’m sorry to laugh at your embarrassment, Peter Capaldi, but it’s just too endearingly sweet not to, OK? The Twelfth Doctor’s love of his current series of employment, Doctor Who, has well and long been discussed in the days leading up to his tenure in the TARDIS. But this clip of him on The Graham Norton Show may be the first time we’ve ever seen him truly come face to face with his past. And it is absolutely charmingly fanboyish — and also totally hilarious.

Particularly because the letters that Norton highlights — yes, he digs out a book that’s solely about the early days of the Doctor Who fan club — show a comic disdain for a young Peter C’s obsession and urgency in his adoration of the show. “No, no, no: you’re not by any means worse than Peter C. I had a very sad letter back from him today,” wrote a woman who worked at the BBC to the fan club’s secretary (a job that Peter wanted very much, it seems!). She even wrote — and this is just so funny — that she wished “the Daleks would exterminate him or something.” Which, I mean, I just…oh how ironically good it must feel to be Peter Capaldi circa 2014 versus Peter Capaldi, age 21.

This is why Graham Norton is so fantastic: I’m not sure mortifying one’s guests is really a thing Americans are super-down with doing. Particularly when the egos of stars can be so, well, fragile.

What do you think of Capaldi’s letters? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Chelsea says:

    Just as an FYI, there are a few American talk shows that do embarrass their guests but in a lighthearted way. See The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, famous for unscripted and free flowing interviews.

  2. Tony Hart says:

    I love him even more now.

  3. Abby says:

    My name is Abby and god i feel your pain Peter. My friends taunt me about Sarah Jane smith and tom baker ;( hate em so much and they all go “When i am on my deathbed i will say to you Abby I don’t want to go.” >:D THEY WILL ALL PAY

  4. Chris says:

    Actually, US talk shows have been embarrassing their guests for ages. Back when he first took the job in the early 90’s, Jay Leno used to do this regularly. I remember when he had Terry Bradshaw on once, he pulled out the record Bradshaw made in the 70’s (yes, that’s right, Bradshaw attempted to sing in public, he said that’s what they let you do after you win two Super Bowls, or something like that). He pulled the same stunt with Katey Sagal (who back in the 70’s recorded a disco album with a group called The Band With No Name) and William Shatner (back before Shatner somehow managed to relaunch his “singing” career).

    David Letterman used to do this a lot too (and was doing it before Leno, too). One time he had Arnold Schwarzenegger on back in the late 80’s, when Arnie was there to promote his new movie, but when it came time to “roll the clip”, Dave’s people instead showed a scene from Hercules In New York (Schwarzenegger’s very first foray into acting, in the late 60’s). I remember when Bruno Kirby, he showed a clip from a movie called The Harrod Experiment (which also had Don Johnson amongst the cast), and when Rob Reiner was on one time, they showed a clip of him singing with Jim Nabors on Gomer Pyle USMC.

  5. a potato one says:

    *pats Peter’s shoulder* me too me too

  6. That is just absolutely priceless! It’s not everyday that a person gets to live their childhood dream. He’s so lucky!

  7. geeksdiet says:

    I think he’s a great Doctor and I’m so happy for him as a fan – it’s my son’s dream to be the Doctor someday too

  8. Al says:

    Look at the date on the letter. He wasn’t 21. 😉

  9. Ashley says:

    That was absolutely adorable! He was soo red in the face! Can’t help but have the urge to hug n kiss him!! So happy to see my fave fowl mouthed advisor as the Doctor!! He is just too cool! Xoxo

  10. This was too adorable! He’s so sweet and his fanboy side is cute! I love him!

  11. So funny bless him 

  12. So funny bless him

  13. Bryan says:

    This was flat-out AWESOME! I’ve been struggling a bit with PC’s take on the Doctor, but this moment of humanity really showed a side that makes me root for him! And I was a geek like that as a kid for many of our American sci-fi classics, so I can relate!
    I loved his back & forth with Danny Pink this last episode, and I cannot wait to see what more depth he continues to bring to THE Doctor! I’m one Yankee who’s all in! 😀

  14. Alex Who says:

    I believe the Third Doctor had a sign on his office at UNIT that said “Doctor Who”.

  15. Al says:

    My favorite thing about Norton bringing on DW actors is he often times it for when there’s a big US star who has no idea what’s going on. I remember Karen Gillan on with J-Lo, for example and they had to explain to Jennifer why the BBC running a little animated promo for Norton over top of the cliffhanger to Doctor Who was A. Very. Big. Deal.

  16. Al says:

    William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker referred to the character as Doctor Who. So Peter is in good company.

  17. Biscuits says:

    This isn’t all that relevant but he played a spin doctor in a politcal-ish sitcom called ‘The Thick of It’. His character swore constantly! As a result, I own a guitar plectrum with a picture of him outside a TARDIS (I think) saying, ‘Get the f*** in or f*** the f*** off!’ We (British fangirls) were all just picturing him going, ‘Quit yer s*** you f***in untensil-bot!’ to a Dalek. 😀