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YouTube Geek Week Presents Fan Friday!


And now, Geek & Sundry takes the Ambassador stage to offer “Fan Friday” for YouTube Geek Week. It’s all about you, the fan, today. Ladies and gentlemen, Felicia Day:

So, let’s get started. First, Geek & Sundry presents Gastro Geek, in which food meets art and Felicia takes on Hannah Hart and Furious Pete to build food sculptures. Plus, the Bucket of Mystery Ingredients!:

SoulPancake offers this primer for “making viral videos” — yeah, like when the boss asks you to do that — and, somehow, it goes musical with a Smashmouth parody. And a goat:

Alltime10s brings you the Weasley Twins themselves, James and Oliver Phelps, with a look at “10 Extraordinary Cosplayers”:

From Mashable comes this nature documentary tracking the humble Geek through his urban habitat:

Sneaky Zebra does it again with a second Comic-Con cosplay video, this time a music video, “I Just Want To Be a SuperHero” (see the first one here (and look for our own Chris Hardwick and Chloe Dykstra in it):

We love the Slow Mo Guys‘ slow mo videos, right? This time, it’s a slow motion water balloon fight featuring Freddie Wong and a few other people. Like, 1,500 other people. Run, Gav and Dan, run!:

Adam Savage went undercover at Comic-Con for Tested. His guise? Admiral Ackbar:

Our pals The Fine Brothers put the trailer for Grand Theft Auto V in front of some senior citizens:

Cosplay? Threadbanger shows you how to make yourself up as Grumpy Cat, with Spirit Hood, and then has the how-to for your Daenerys Targaryen costume:

Finally, 1A4STUDIO does a Speedrun through The Big Lebowski. It’s the Dude abiding in 60 seconds. Shut up, Donny:

Among the Nerdist Channel’s offerings today are the cast and writer/director of The To Do List with their Top 10 ’90s Things, plus, coming up, a Saved by the Bell/Breaking Bad mashup and a special Chris Hardwick’s All Star Celebrity Bowling with Vsauce. Quite a week, huh?

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