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Witness a 6-Month-Old Baby Beat STREET FIGHTER V

Are you ready for the cutest story ever? YouTube user Parapaint recently decided to document his 6-month-old infant playing Street Fighter V with an arcade stick. The result? Well, see for yourself in the video at the top of the page.

Ah, so you can get by on button mashing alone–at least with the character Birdie. I know what you’re thinking– that’s definitely fake. But, as the proud papa explained in the video’s description, the character’s moveset makes this possible.

“For everyone saying it’s a fake, Birdie has moves which come out when you RELEASE a button after holding it for a while, and the EX versions come out from holding and releasing the 3 punch or 3 kick buttons. I’m too busy to waste time trying to fake my baby beating a shit-easy story mode by mashing random buttons.”

As if that wasn’t enough, the baby also beat M. Bison’s story mode (at least according to Papapaint’s tweet above), despite the FANG matchup being “just too rough.”

So, what we have here is both an adorable story, and an interesting look at the way Street Fighter V‘s combat system is structured. The fact that an infant is able to  beat an opponent, simply by mashing buttons (and hardly looking at the screen, mind you) speaks to the difficulty level of the game. Sure, the difficulty level he was playing on should be factored in, but then again, it’s a baby, so it probably doesn’t matter.

Wait… are we really talking about a baby’s video game strategy? What has the internet come to?! Just watch the video a couple more times and sulk about how he’s probably better at the game than you are. We dare you to watch it without smiling.

HT: Papapaint

Image: Papapaint

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