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Where is WESTWORLD Season 2 Headed?

The sun set on season one of Westworld Sunday night. But the show went out in a blaze of glory, answering almost every question that’s been lingering over the last few months. We found out what the maze was, saw William become the Man in Black and watched as the robots finally rose up against their human masters. The only mystery we need solved now? What happens in season two and how soon will it get here? Well, the bad news is season two doesn’t get here till 2018. That’s a whole year of blackout dated before we can get back into the park. But the good news? We have a while bunch of season two theories to tide you over till then.


First off, it’s obvious that season two will finally catch up to the story that Michael Crichton penned in his 1973 screenplay. The robot revolution is happening, people! But given Westworld’s morally ambiguous nature, it’s likely we’ll see heroes and villains among both humans and hosts. We’re even noticing glimpses of a coming power struggle between Dolores and Bernard. These two hosts appear to have very different feelings about killing their creators and it’s going to lead to some conflict in season two.

And don’t forget Maeve. Maeve, who—according to an interview at Vulture with the show’s creators—has finally made a true blue, honest-to-goodness evolution. “What we understand in the moment is it’s the first real decision she’s made all season. Which is, she’s not going to fulfill the script she’s been given, which is to take this train wherever it’s going, and do whatever else she’s programmed to do. … We’re no longer in programmatic or prescribed behaviors,” Jonathan Nolan explained. “She’s improvising, and we’re right there with her.”


Don’t expect to see Doctor Ford back in 2018. His final narrative started with him taking a bullet to the head, and even though this is Westworld and he could certainly be built anew, Hopkins seems to consider this a one and done deal. In a recent tweet he said he “enjoyed playing Doctor Ford;” implying that the role was now in the past.

We’re also curious about Logan’s ambiguous ending. The last we saw of William’s debouched brother-in-law, he was riding buck naked, bare back into the wilds of Westworld. But on a show like this, no one is dead until we see them dead. Could an older Logan have been hiding among the Delos investors visiting the park? And if so, could he finally use this as chance to get revenge on William? We think so.


There are still a lot of things left to ponder about season 2, luckily we all have a lot of time to ponder them till the show returns in over a year. So what do you want to see when the gates finally reopen to Westworld? (Besides more Samurai World, obviously we all want more Samurai world.) Let us know in the comments.

We spoke with the Nerdist School’s Ptolemy Slocum and Leonardo Nam, a.k.a. Sylvester and Fexlix, about Westworld theories, predictions, and analysis!

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