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How GAME OF THRONES Composer Ramin Djawadi Makes Iconic Theme Songs

If you are reading this article, that means you probably watched Game of Thrones‘ composer Ramin Djawadi teach the Nerdist staff how to play the Game of Thrones theme song on a whole bunch of kazoos. Pretty cool/dumb right? Well that isn’t the only reason Ramin came to Nerdist HQ. The acclaimed composer, who is also responsible for the music in Westworld and much more sat down with us to discuss the forthcoming Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience, how he composes for Westworld vs. Game of Thrones, his love for Metallica, and his high school band Superfreak. Check out our conversation topics below.

How Ramin Djawadi Composes Game of Thrones

Takeaway: Ramin generally uses different instruments for different characters. If you are a big dulcimer fan, you would know that Arya Stark’s music relies heavily on that instrument, whereas Jon Snow is often accompanied by cello.

How Ramin Djawadi Approaches Westworld vs. Game Of Thrones

Takeaway: Depending on the TV genre, Ramin will focus on a core of key instruments to comprise the score for the score of a TV show or film. Perhaps more important than the music he makes for Game Of Thrones or Westworld, Ramin’s high school band was called Superfreak, and I bet their jams were funky as hell.

Ramin Djawadi <3’s Metallica, but which album is his favorite?

Takeaway: Ramin learned how to play guitar by constantly rewinding Metallica cassettes and mimicking Kirk Hammett and James Hetfield’s legendary solos and riffs. Pretty solid way to get a musical education before he attended the Berklee College of Music in Boston.

See Ramin Djawadi Play The Game of Thrones Theme on Kazoo

Are you guys going to go see Ramin Djawadi perform GoT music on the Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience? Are you terrified of what will happen when he gets on the piano to play “The Light of the 7”? Us too, but that isn’t going to stop us from going.

Image: HBO

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Matt Grosinger is the music editor of Nerdist and now feels like the most competent kazoo player on the face of the planet. You can hit him up on Twitter @MattGrosinger.

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