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TV-Cap: WALKING DEAD Season 7 Clue, SUPERGIRL/FLASH Repercussions, More

My face hurts from smiling over the Supergirl/Flash crossover that aired on Monday night. It was all I hoped it would be. Fly into today’s TV-Cap to read comments from Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg on the effects of Barry’s visit to National City, learn about a clue for the next season of The Walking Dead, watch Ezra discover a Kylo Ren-esque lightsaber in Star Wars Rebels, and more.

[Image: CBS/Supergirl Source]

The Multiverse. Supergirl executive producers Andrew Kreisberg and Greg Berlanti pulled off quite the feat with the Supergirl/The Flash crossover. They talked with us about how the episode came to be, what the effects of Barry’s trip will be, the multiverse, and all the other happenings in the episode. Read their comments here at Nerdist.

Fly Back. Keeping with the Supergirl/Flash theme: “Worlds Finest” is an episode you want to relive any way you can because happiness is neat. Take a moment to read R.V.’s recap of the momentous occasion.

No Posters Needed. Marvel’s Most Wanted doesn’t need to put up posters in order to find their newest cast members. They’ve added Oded Fehr and Fernanda Andrade to the series. Fehr will play a “a well-known character from the Marvel comics who will prove a force to be reckoned with,” but we don’t know just who yet. I want to see your guesses in the comments! Andrade will play the niece of Dominic Fortune, Christina Santos. [Deadline]

[Image: Starz]

Florida Vibes. What is it about Bruce Campbell and Florida? Now that Ash has cleaned up the deadites in Ash vs. Evil Dead, he’s living it up in this photo from the second season. His kegger is short-lived though because the party stops when he has to go home and back to the fight. Also, a chain saw seems like a terribly ineffective way to tap a keg. Just saying. [TV Insider]

Sexy Morgue Times. In Tuesday’s iZombie (that’s tonight, March 29), Liv will eat a volatile stripper brain. I can’t make that up. The cast and executive producers discussed the brain on a panel at WonderCon and teased what’s ahead in the season finale. Read everything they had to say right this way.

What’s This? Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead had a small nod that’s a big clue for the seventh season. I don’t want to say more because spoilers, sweetie, but if you’re dying to learn all about it, read Dan’s rundown.

Big Ideas. Are you ready to take your first look at the second season of Wayward Pines? Though a second season wasn’t a given, author Blake Crouch and executive producer M. Night Shyamalan discuss why it worked in a featurette of sorts that shows off some of the town’s new faces. The thriller returns to Fox on May 25. [TVLine]

What a Twist! Hopefully you’re not too attached to Archer, the star of the animated series of the same name, because a clip from the season seven premiere might make you worry. It looks as though the spy who always knows just what not to say has taken the final plunge… or has he? Watch the clip at Nerdist.

Light It Up. The Star Wars Rebels season two finale will air on Wednesday, March 30, and Ezra, Kanan, and Ahsoka will travel to Malachor. A preview for “Twilight of the Apprentice” shows Ezra finding a lightsaber that will look familiar to anyone who has seen The Force Awakens. [Comic Book Resources]

Only Until Summer! If you’ve been curious about when Dark Matter will come back for season two on Syfy, we sort of have an answer. A teaser uh, teases that the series will return in summer 2016. That’s basically around the corner! [Facebook/Dark Matter]

Recap Central. Were you on the sleepy side when you watched your favorite TV shows last night? Catch up on what you missed and get our thoughts with recaps for Gotham (Oswald’s new home!) and Better Call Saul (Mike and Jimmy!).

Did you love Supergirl and The Flash? There was so much joy in the episode. Share your opinions in the comments!


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