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SUPERGIRL/THE FLASH Crossover Recap: “World’s Finest”

It happened! The thing we’ve been waiting for for ages, though weren’t even always sure would even happen, has finally happened! The Flash made an appearance on Supergirl this week. Thanks to Multiverse Theory, and to what turned out to be a result of Barry Allen’s personal speed tests, The Flash ended up in National City on a different Earth from his own. Just in the knick of time, too, as Kara was falling out of a CatCo window when he showed up.

Siobhan arrives at CatCo headquarters with the intent of settling a score. She had just come from a D.E.O. diagnosis session that proved fruitless in explaining her new powers. After Cat compares her “crazy eyes” to those of one of the Real Housewives, Siobhan unleashes a banshee scream directly at Kara, knocking her temporarily unconscious and causing her to fall from the HQ tower.

Siobhan has already fled by the time Barry and Kara return to CatCo,  so they start working on figuring out Barry’s situation with James and Winn. Winn develops a bro-crush on Barry that rivals even the romantic crush he had on Kara. Excited to discover that the Multiverse Theory is real, Winn can’t help but squee with delight while marveling at the super speedster. James, meanwhile, is now the jealous friend standing on the sidelines. Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist have an incredible chemistry together as Barry and Kara. The scenes they’re in treat them more like long-lost twins who have rediscovered each other after having been separated at birth. Kara and Barry have to consume about 10,000 calories a day to stay energized, so they start bonding over donuts and ice cream.

Siobhan pays an enlightening visit to her faux-mystic aunt, who informs her of the family curse that has recently manifested. The way to prevent the curse from lasting forever, it turns out, is to kill the person who has become the source of a Smythe descendant’s anger. “What do you think happened to your Uncle William?” Siobhan’s aunt asks when the younger Smythe wonders if the elder had to kill anyone for the curse. Holiday dinners must be dangerous affairs in that family. Siobhan realizes that if she wants to get Kara, she would have to get rid of Supergirl and Cat Grant. Her early morning trip to the D.E.O. leaves her with an idea: partner up with Livewire for a mutual hate-fest.

Barry uses his super-smarts at the D.E.O. to pin down Livewire’s location (rendering Winn even more of a fanboy), allowing him and Kat to attempt to take on Livewire. When they arrive at her abandoned warehouse, Leslie reveals she has a partner—the newly-christened Silver Banshee makes her full costumed debut and utters one of the more cringe-worthy lines from a villain in the series: “All my life I thought I was cursed, but now I see I was cursed for the better.” Yeesh. Also not fully explained is if the costume choice is somehow inspired by the actual banshee that cursed her ancestor, or if it’s all Leslie’s idea. Either way, it doesn’t seem to be the result of spectral possession. True to episode protocol, the first battle of the two duos ends in a stalemate and picks up later in the episode.

Back at the D.E.O., Barry creates sonic-dampening earbuds for Supergirl and himself to wear while battling Silver Banshee. No sooner than he finishes, Livewire pops up on the command center screens and lets the heroes know that Cat Grant is captured and located at National City Park. Livewire manages to subdue both The Flash and Supergirl. When it looks as though she’s about to unleash a serious shockwave on the innocent bystanders, National City firefighters step in Seeing Supergirl’s shielding of a helicopter from one of Livewire’s jolts, as attrition for her actions from “Falling,” the onlooking citizens take it upon themselves to play the heroes, dousing Livewire and Silver Banshee in water and knocking them both out.

After helping Barry return to his dimension with a super-speedy push, Kara invites James over to her apartment to finally “speed things up” and reveal to Olsen how she feels. Unfortunately, their first kiss is overshadowed by what appears to be the beginnings of Myriad. James (and all of the other humans on Kara’s block) mindlessly start walking out into the streets in unison. Where is Myriad leading the citizens of National City?! How is it controlling people?! Are they going to turn in to Cybermen?! Is this a Doctor Who crossover?!? (No, it’s not, but this seems an awfully lot like some kind of Sycorax/Cybermen hybrid tech, doesn’t it?)

What did you think of the super crossover between the Girl of Steel and the Scarlet Speedster? Sound of below!

Notable Quotables:

“All four of you standing there doing nothing—you look like the attractive, yet nonthreatening racially-diverse cast of a CW show.” – Cat Grant

“He was so unfailingly charming and nice that he either had to be a superhero or a Mormon.” – Cat Grant

“Jealousy, thy name is Olsen.” – Winn Schott

Image: Variety

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