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SUPERGIRL Recap: “Manhunter”

Kara barely had time to reflect on her under-the-influence actions during last week’s Red Kryptonite personality swap before a new situation took center stage on Supergirl. J’onn J’onzz is still being detained in one of the D.E.O. holding cells when the Army sends Lane back in to take control. Lucy Lane, that is. She has (in the span of about a day?) apparently been contacted by and reinstated to the Army to act as a liaison between the D.E.O. and the hardliner Colonel Jim Harper. They see J’onn’s impersonation of Hank Henshaw as a serious threat to national security. I mean, from their perspective I guess it is a little kooky to find out one of your secret agency department heads is an alien. But come on, this is 2016. They’re here. They’re not intending to cause fear. Get used to it.

The episode gives us flashbacks for J’onn, Kara, and Alex. For the second time, we see the real Hank Henshaw and man, he was not a chill dude. He had a serious vendetta against J’onn J’onzz, whom he was already referring to as the Martian Manhunter. Rather than being based on something personal, his vitriol towards the last son of Mars seemed to be entirely based on a thing that Superman had said: that J’onn was “the most powerful being on the face of this Earth.” The real Henshaw seemed to have an irrational fear of power. Both J’onn’s and Alex’s flashbacks come as they are being interrogated by Lucy and Colonel Harper. After the two of them are deemed—falsely—to be uncooperative, they’re sent by Colonel Harper to “Project Cadmus.” Fans of DC Comics know Cadmus to be the lab/organization/research center where very, very bad things happen to all sorts of beings, both terrestrial and extraterrestrial. When Supergirl mentions Cadmus to James Olsen, he knows bad things are about to go down.

In an effort to convince Lucy to help divert Alex and J’onn from a terrible fate at Cadmus, Kara fleshes out her own backstory to Lane, hoping that overwhelming empathy will win her over. A few cheesy lines from Jenna Dewan Tatum later, and the plot seems to have mostly worked. The next thing you know, the transport truck holding Alex and J’onn is being tailed by two mysterious bikers. Who are these men that Lucy and Kara have enlisted to foil the Cadmus paddy wagon? Well, off comes the helmet and:


It was Éowyn! JK, it was Kara, but I live hunty! It wasn’t exactly a shocking twist, but I love a good helmet-removal reveal. Lucy and Kara have saved Alex and J’onn from Cadmus, but they’re not quite free to just go back to D.E.O. headquarters. It’s going to be life on the lam for the duo for a while. Oh, and Jeremiah Danvers might not be dead? When J’onn was mind-melding Colonel Harper, he saw a very alive Jeremiah at Cadmus headquarters. So, basically Kara saved J’onn and Alex from being sent to Project Cadmus so that they could save Jeremiah by … going to Project Cadmus. Sounds about right. After the two duos part ways and Kara and Lucy return to headquarters, Agent Vasquez informs Lucy that she has been named as the new acting head of the D.E.O. To think, she was settling lawsuits for CatCo like a week ago.

That’s where the primary storyline wraps up, but scenes involving Siobhan manage to weave themselves throughout the episode. She attempts to get revenge on Kara for last week’s shenanigans, but she fails miserably. When she drunkenly falls off of a rooftop (That’s So Siobhanâ„¢) in the closing scene, her would-be death-cry turns out to be supersonic, and actually breaks her fall! Her full-blown transformation into Silver Banshee is nigh!

Are you full of Supergirl Hype as we head into the final episodes!? The Flash (Grant Gustin) is coming next week! Myriad is coming the week after that! Sound off with your hopes and dreams below!

Notable Quotables:

“I suppose if Mel Gibson can present at the Golden Globes, then Supergirl can win the city back.” – Cat Grant

“Humans can be ignorant, especially when they’re scared.” – Jeremiah Danvers

Image: CBS

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