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IZOMBIE Teases Stripper Brain and the Season Two Finale

Warning: Spoilers follow for iZombie. Look away and find another brain if you’re not caught up.

The CW’s iZombie is headed into the end of its second season, and Major events are in motion. See what I did there? Threads currently in play include the Chaos Killer, issues with Mr. Boss, and the two steps forward a million steps back with the cure for the zombie virus. Though the show has been picked up for a third season, we are still going to get answers to many of the pressing issues. This weekend, the iZombie cast and executive producers Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero-Wright appeared at WonderCon and teased what’s ahead.

If you thought the season one finale was big, you haven’t seen anything yet. Thomas thought that was the pinnacle for iZombie, but no. He’s recently finished a cut for the finale and said, “This year’s season finale is huge. It dwarfs last year’s finale.” The two-part finale, airing on April 12, will tackle problems head-on. “Most of this year’s season questions are answered and we even tee up what we’ll deal with in season three,” Thomas said.

Factors that will come into the rest of the season include the boat party and Blaine’s zombie origin story. The Utopium from that boat party obviously has to resurface at some point. And those full George Romero-esque zombies Max Rager has locked away in their basement? They’ll also have a role to play

And then there’s the fun of the brain in the upcoming episode, “Pour Some Sugar, Zombie,” where Liv dines upon the brain of a volatile stripper. The situation, as you can imagine, led to all sorts of fun on set. Ruggiero-Wright told Rose McIver (Liv) that the brain belonged to a stripper who was “brash” and “rough.” Ruggiero-Wright suggested that McIver channel her to get the character right. McIver said trying to be super sexy in a morgue was an interesting experience. She joked, “And I actually noticed the boys showed up to set on days they weren’t supposed to be there.” She said she felt super awkward in those scenes, doing things like using “a bloody sponge, trying to groove on the table” in front of the entire crew. Like you do.

Liv will also give a lap dance to Peyton in the episode. Because if you aren’t close enough friends to share lap dances with each other, then why bother?

The cast also briefly pondered the idea of a musical episode, since iZombie’s had its share of fantastic music cues. The use of After the Fire’s “Der Kommissar” in the season one finale comes to mind, and so does The Cure’s “Friday I’m in Love” playing over Ravi and Blaine’s fight scene during season two. We’ve seen Blaine play the piano and sing in recent episodes, too. McIver said she appeared in a musical hour of Xena: Warrior Princess when she was little and has wanted to do something similar since then. But, maybe not anytime soon. Thomas joked, “Robert Buckley, in an older episode, sings from a famous Broadway musical, and that’s when our dreams of doing a musical episode died.”

The next episode of iZombie will air on Tuesday, March 29, at 9:00pm on The CW.


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