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WonderCon 2016: DC’S LEGENDS OF TOMORROW Trailer & Panel

The cast of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow hit WonderCon Sunday to talk about the rest of their action-packed first season. Before the panel started, Ben Brown from Warner Brothers TV introduced a sizzle reel showing highlights of what we can expect for the rest of the year. We got to see the team in the Old West, and we caught our first glimpse of Johnathan Schaech as Jonah Hex. They also travel to Nanda Parbat, meeting Ra’s Al Ghul and his young daughter, TALIA (not a typo). Last stop on the sizzle reel was the year 2146, where they meet Jewel Staite, whose character has close ties to Ray.

Following the sizzle reel, moderator Damian Holbrook (TV Guide) brought out the panelists: Ciara Renee (Hawkgirl), Brandon Routh (Atom), Caity Lotz (White Canary), Franz Drameh (Firestorm), and executive producer Marc Guggenheim. Here are the highlights from the panel:

Transitions from Flash/Arrow to Legends

  • Ciara said the transition was easy because her storyline was pretty dark to begin with, so going from the lighter toned Flash was not a struggle.
  • Brandon’s Ray Palmer didn’t change a whole lot and is even allowed to have more fun, getting deeper into the drama and action.
  • Caity said the tone shift was the hardest part for her, but she liked the fact that Sara can have some levity now because of everything she has gone through before (you know, dying and whatnot).

Favorite Time Period to Visit

  • Ciara: The 50s, because it was a great way to discuss issues that are important today (prejudice, equality) through their art.
  • Brandon and Franz: The Old West, because they had fun riding the horses, and Ray got to become a sheriff.
  • Caity: Sara was born to live in the 70s. However, her favorite episode was “Night of the Hawk,” set in the 50s, because she was able to portray a character that doesn’t look at labels during a time period that was very much full of them.

Ray/Kendra Relationship

  • It’s VERY complicated
  • When the show returns, there will be a two-year time gap that Ray, Kendra, and Sara have been stranded, so their relationship will have progressed.
  • Kendra will begin to regain some of the memories from her past lives, and her feelings for Carter. The show has created a love triangle where one of the points is a dead guy. It’s the CW, so of COURSE.

Being Part of the Team

  • Brandon says the team is always learning from each other. Ray used to judge members of the team early on (Snart) but has learned to appreciate their value and even friendship.
  • Caity says that Sara has issues with authority, and it affects her relationship with Rip Hunter. These issues will be addressed during the rest of the season and she teased Sara would get to be in the captain’s chair down the road.
  • Franz discussed his chemistry with Victor Garber (Martin Stein). He loves their relationship, and talks about how Jax is closer to the comic book version of Ronnie Raymond, so it’s cool to bring that to the screen.

Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim discussed the development of the show. He was excited to start Legends because no one had done a superhero ensemble on TV before. His favorite villain was Vandal Savage, and always knew he would be the villain. As far as casting went, he was able to get all his first choices. His only fear was none of them saying yes. He also told the audience that if the show had NOT been picked up, Ray and Sara’s storylines would still have continued on Flash and Arrow.

They are currently working on the finale, and Marc gave credit to his writers and crew to make sure all of the continuity between all three CW shows remains intact. He wouldn’t give anything away as to the story for season two, but did guarantee that there will be 100% closure for season one in the finale. You will know if they defeat Savage. You will know what the Time Masters real plans are, and the Ray/Kendra/Carter romance will have a concrete path. The only hint he gave for season two is that since there are two seats open on the Waverider, there are the possibilities for new cast/team members.

During the audience Q&A, Franz hinted that Jax and Stein will be exploring Firestorm’s powers more. Brandon talked about the team’s internal struggles during this mission, and how they want to prove Rip wrong about their worth in the timestream. When asked what characters they would like to see appear, the general consensus was that the show needed more women characters, which was met with applause. Vixen, Speedy, Killer Frost, and Iris West were among the one mentioned. The panel closed with obligatory Justice League question, which Guggenheim said they will probably see the League in the movies before we see them on TV.

New episodes of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow returns Thursday on the CW.

So what do you think? Are you excited for the rest of the first season of Legends of Tomorrow? What do you think season two will bring? Let me know on Twitter or sound off in the comments below.

IMAGE: The CW/Warner Brothers

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