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Hasbro’s New TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT Toys Give Insight to the Plot

Hasbro has had a successful relationship with the Transformers property over the years. Many kids to this day still beg their parents for the newest Autobots and Decepticons to complete their collections. With Transformers: The Last Knight opening in theaters June 21, Hasbro unveiled a new lineup of toys based on the summer blockbuster featuring new and familiar robotic faces. And they’re giving us a bit more insight into the plot of the film.

First up we have Cogman, who Entertainment Weekly describes as “the human-sized mechanism who serves as a kind of butler/bounty hunter for Anthony Hopkins, an astronomer and historian who possesses knowledge of the Transformers that dates back to medieval times and the era of King Arthur.”

Transformers Toys CR: Hasbro

Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner added that Cogman is a Headmaster, which are “are robots who become the control mechanism, taking over another robot’s sentience.” This will definitely be a first for a Transformers movie. Perhaps Cogman will add some extra variety to your run-of-the-mill Transformer.

When Cogman is in his vehicle form, he becomes an Aston Martin that can transform in 16 steps. I wasn’t aware that counting steps was a thing when transforming a toy, but do with that information what you will. Cogman retails for $19.99.

Transformers Toys CR: Hasbro

Next up is one of those familiar faces in Hot Rod, who debuted in 1986’s animated The Transformers: The Movie. He pulls double duty as an ally of Hopkins’ and protector of Viviane Wembly, played by Laura Haddock.

Transformers Toys CR: Hasbro

Instead of his original bright red and yellow color tone, Hot Rod sports a more subdued gray palate. His car form is a Lamborghini Centenario that transforms in 14 steps.
Transformers Toys CR: Hasbro

The Decepticon leader Megatron is back, and he’s bigger and badder than ever according to this souped up toy upgrade. To go along with the “Last Knight” theme, Megatron is retrofitted with a medieval-style helmet and boasts more colors than you’ll see on the big screen.

Transformers Toys CR: Hasbro

For his vehicle mode, Megatron will become a stealth bomber instead of the handheld gun older fans remember from the cartoon show.

Transformers Toys CR: Hasbro

Last but not least is Skullitron, which has to be the most Transformers-y name in Transformers history. He’s yet to be fully seen in any of the promotional materials released, so Paramount Pictures must be keeping his full form a secret. Minus a look at his toy figure that is. Skullitron face is a little worse for wear, and his weapon of choice is a sword, which makes sense since he’s an original Knight from the film’s title. Unfortunately, no vehicle form is shown for Skullitron.

Transformers Toys CR: Hasbro

So what do you think of the new Transformers: The Last Knight toys? Jump into the comments and let us know!

Images: Hasbro

Tim Adams is a freelance writer who loves comics and the TV and movies that feature them. Follow him on Twitter!

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