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Tobey Maguire’s SPIDER-MAN Screen Test Was A Lot Darker Than You’d Expect

Spider-Man: Homecoming is approximately the four millionth live-action Spider-Man movie of the past twenty years. The three main instances — Tobey Maguire’s version in 2002’s Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield in 2012’s The Amazing Spider-Man, and Tom Holland in  Spider-Man: Homecoming (which we loved, our review) — each bring something different to the role, though, which is why each iteration has fans who proclaim it to be the best one.

Maguire’s performance often made fun of for the goofy faces he made and the oh-so-weird “cool Peter Parker” scene from Spider-Man 3, but it turns out that early on in production, it’s possible the movies were going to be a lot darker than they ended up being. Homecoming is in theaters today, which reminded The Hollywood Reporter of an early screen test for Spider-Man that have been on YouTube for a few years now, and it teases a very different kind of movie.

For one, Maguire is pretty darn ripped in this minute-long scene: From behind, as several YouTube commenters pointed out, he looks a lot like Bruce Lee, and not the nerdy high school kid that Peter Parker is supposed to be. What’s also weird is that the no-name bad guys in the scene decided to say the F-word for some reason, which definitely steps outside of the movie’s eventual PG-13 rating.

So Maguire’s Spider-Man franchise went from this to having a scene where he combs his hair “stylishly” and snaps his fingers and random women on the street. It’s definitely bizarre to see Maguire’s Spider-Man take on this tone, so let us know what you think about it in the comments below.

Featured image: Columbia Pictures

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