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The Internet Isn’t Sold on THE PREDATOR Teaser

Director Shane Black co-starred in the original Predator movie over 30 years ago and made unaccredited contributions to the script as well. Since then, Black has earned his reputation as one of the best action directors in Hollywood, which is why fans were excited when he returned for The Predator, a modern sequel for the classic film. But anyone expecting Black’s signature wit and innovation from The Predator might have been underwhelmed when the first teaser trailer dropped a few hours ago. Today’s Nerdist News explains why one of the internet’s reactions to The Predator‘s first look was “meh.”

Join guest host Hector Navarro as he breaks down The Predator trailer. Its biggest sin is it isn’t special. Aside from the credit, nothing screams “Shane Black made this!” It doesn’t have Black’s terrific dialogue or his innovative action scenes. It’s not even set at Christmas! And that’s a Shane Black tradition even Iron Man 3 observed. But, we should keep in mind this is a single trailer and they may not have wanted to give away too much.

So, what does this movie have besides standard action fare? The beginning hints Jacob Tremblay’s Rory McKenna somehow has a chest of Predator-related objects, including a model ship that controls a real Predator ship in another part of the galaxy. This brings up two big questions: where did these items come from and who gave them to Rory? Because the Predators are definitely going to want those back.

Black does have a history of successfully utilizing kids in his stories, so perhaps The Predator will continue that trend. And Black’s track record still has us feeling some hope that The Predator can be more than the standard sequel it appears to be. We’ll find out for sure when the film opens on September 14.

What did you think about The Predator‘s first teaser trailer? Let’s discuss in the comment section below!

Images: 20th Century Fox

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