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The Internet Reacts to POKEMON GO!

Sometimes you need to remember that there’s still stuff out there to be happy about. Oftentimes, this is where the silliest, most irreverent games come in handy, giving us a respite from the ugliness of the world. So it’s no surprise that the world is completely overcome by Pokémon Go hysteria, so we’ve gone ahead and collected some of the best internet responses to the new game right here on today’s Nerdist News!

The newest game in the Pokémon series was finally released this week and everyone’s been Ma-Chomping at the bit to get their hands on it. Pokémon Go is the first Augmented Reality Pokémon game, meaning the game uses your phone’s GPS and camera to capture the pocket monsters we all know and love right in front of you! It’s everything we’ve been waiting for, so obviously servers have been crashing non-stop as eager trainers try their hand at catching ’em all.

And with that comes the funny, in the form of glorious screen-caps of the monsters others have been able to catch in, shall we say, compromising positions. While we would’ve assumed Pokémon would stick to their traditional areas—Psyducks hanging out in ponds and lakes, Bellsprouts in your vegetable garden—it’s been a veritable free-for-all as they’ve been showing up in some pretty hilarious places.

Even starter Pokémon have been getting their hands on… unexpected areas.

When you’re sitting down for a meeting but you spot a wild Magikarp! #pokemongo

A photo posted by RidingWithTom (@ridingwithtom) on

Let’s just hope this guy was able to get his big presentation all done without that dying Magikarp getting in the way.

I mean, to be fair, she’s probably not going to even give birth for another few hours, so this guy has plenty of time to catch that Pidgey. Also, am I the only one wondering what kind of little tiny pocket monsters are waiting in the new baby ward?

On the other hand, Go is already getting in the way of actual crises…

But these originals aren’t stopping at crotches, hospitals, sidewalks, and business meetings! Oh no, they’re taking over the roads, too:

While I can see the thrill of a lone Zubat on the road, we have a feeling the first Pokémon-related traffic accident is well on its way. Maybe we’re just bitter we can’t play yet, but Zubats aren’t that rare people!

Damnit, Magikarp go back to the seas! Don’t you know you don’t belong here?

Drowzees on the other hand, just might be worth it.

So whether you’re on or you’re off, or you were on and then you got kicked off like Twitter user Chris Melberger:

We’re with you! No matter what happens, the servers will eventually be up for all of us, and let’s just try to keep in mind, this game should be fun! So let’s all keep it civil, okay @RealShigeruM?

But what do you guys think? Any hilarious responses we missed? What’s the weirdest place you guys are finding pokémon? Have their been any pocket monsters in actual pockets? Am I about to cancel all my weekend plans to create an army of Pikachu? Let’s discuss!

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