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Oh No! Everyone Hates New POKEMON Popplio!

On today’s very special episode of Nerdist News, we’re digging into the internet’s least favorite brand new Pokémon: Popplio! Earlier this week, we got a glimpse at the three new starter Pokémon from Pokémon Sun and Moon: a bow-tie wearin’, potato-bodied Grass-type owl, Rowlet; adorably sassy Fire-type feline, Litten; and then there’s… the half clown, half seal, half monster Water-type demon Pokémon, Popplio. And he’s not doing so hot on the internet, guys.

Fans of the popular pocket monsters have taken to the Twitter-verse to share some of their funniest (and meanest) tweets about the least popular seal since Buster Bluth lost his hand. And on today’s WTFridays, we’ve collected some of our favorite hate aimed at this odd-bodied fella.

We’ve got Twitter user @kcgreenn’s perfectly-photoshopped plea, which reminds us why we should always leave a note.

To @MisterbeepEric’s call-out of this sad clown’s only ability, “downloading files illegally,” which hasn’t been helpful since the early 2000’s…

And the sad fact @lisadraws pointed out to us all. Because if you’re not sure who the Popplio is in your group of friends, it might be you. But in true internet fashion, with so much hate being thrust upon this sadder Emmett Kelly, the few, the proud, the Popplio supporters are coming out of the woodwork (waterwork?) to defend this outcast of the sea. Twitter user @cosumik even started a “Popplio Defense Squad” to protect this baby Satan from all the hate.

Meanwhile, @GCPM11 reminded us of this possible future for the nightmare machine! We at Nerdist, however, are shuddering at the thought of what this sea beast might evolve into.

But what do you guys think? Do you agree with the internet endlessly mocking this stigmata-of-the-sea? Or do you think he’s going to evolve into something awesome, giving Pokémon Sun and Moon its very own Cinderella story? Or, my personal favorite theory, do you think Popplio’s final evolution will be evolving into Heidi Klum’s ex husband, actual Seal? Let’s discuss!

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