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Surprise, Those Strange Leaked POKÉMON Were Totally Real!

Can I just state for the record that I choose you, Pikachu? Again? But this isn’t about me; this is all bout the plethora of brand new Pokémon that were announced on Thursday morning. We’re diving into all the new, official, weirdo Pokémon on today’s Nerdist News! This morning a shiny new trailer was released by The Pokémon Company on their YouTube channel, and it revealed a handful of brand new and—we’ll just say it—goofy-looking pocket monsters to add to the Sun and Moon roster. And we’re ranking them all from cutest to straight-up strangest!

First up on our list is the absolute cutest new Pokémon—we’re talking Lillipup mixed with Cutiefly status. This flying/fairy-type poké-cutie looks like a tiny little firefly hummingbird with little angel eyes and even a cowlick. 10/10 Pikachus.

Next is Togedemaru, who wins the most-confusing-to-pronounce award! This adorable little bundle of joy looks like a distant cousin to Pikachu, earning this electric/steel type a solid 9/10 Pikas.

A little further down the scale is Charjabug, who most closely resembles the Ninja Turtles van …or a storage pod with spikes. There really isn’t much else to say about this bug-electric monster, so he gets 5/10 electric rats.

His score brings us right on over to Vikavolt, who actually looks kind of cool. This electric bug has a move called “Zap Cannon” which might be strong enough to outweigh the hand-fan looking apparatus coming out of his butt. 5/10 again.

As we move down the list of cuties, we start to approach the more weird new monsters and unveil Tapu Koko, the electric/fairy/Dr. Frankenstein’s monster type pokémon that honestly might be made of leftover parts. 4/10 Pikachus for creativity.

And second to last, we move a little further down to my new nightmare fodder. Just in time for Brexit, we’ve got Bruxish. This haunting water and psychic type clown/rainbow-fish looks more like a 99 cent store Dory. I never thought I’d say this, but I’d prefer Popplio! 1/10 Pikachus. 5/10 Jynxes for style.

And finally, the best worst for last is Drampa! This monster can only be described as the love-child of an elderly dog and somehow both Altaria and Gyrados. This normal/dragon-type horror movie come to life is complete with dead eyes and a move called “Frenzy.” Drampa earns 0/10 Pikachus, 10/10 Popplios, and Most Likely to Turn on It’s Owner Due to a Long History of Inbreeding and Dragon-Fighting!

But what d you guys think? Do you think this reject pile will be more fun to play with than they look? Which ones are your favorites? Who’s already getting started on their Bruxish/Dory fanfic? Let’s discuss!

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