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POKÉMON SUN and MOON Trailer Reveals 7 New Pokémon

We don’t know yet how many new Pokémon the Sun and Moon generation is going to add the the Pokédex that already contains over 700 species, but we know that it’s going to be at least a few more.

Nintendo has reportedly shared a new video this morning that showed off seven new creatures, which were originally (and unofficially) revealed in a series of leaked videos (which we found at IGN) posted not long before Nintendo’s confirmation. The official trailer Nintendo posted is in Japanese, so assuming the leaks were correct about the names, the seven new Pokémon are Drampa, Togedemaru, Vikavolt, Cutiefly, Bruxish, Charjabug, and Tapukoko.

Drampa is a Normal/Dragon-type who looks a bit like King of Red Lions from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker:

Then there’s Togedemaru, an Electric/Steel-type who IGN pointed out looks like a fusion of Pikachu and Togepi.

Charjabug is a Bug/Electric-type who looks like if you kept Heimlich from A Bug’s Life in a small box for a few years.

Vikavolt (which appears to be the evolved form of Charjabug) is a Bug/Electric-type who looks like some kind of miniature fighter jet.

Cutiefly is a Bug/Fairy-type Pokémon that looks like, well, a cute yellow fly.

Bruxish is Water/Psychic, a rare type combination that’s only happened four times, with the Slowpoke evolutionary line and Starmie. Oh, and it’s absolutely terrifying.


Lastly, there’s Tapukoko, an Electric/Fairy that has the ability Elec Maker, which automatically turns the field into Electric Terrain. It’s also the only Electric/Fairy Pokémon ever aside from Dedenne.

That brings us to 18 total new Pokémon that have been revealed so far. There are sure to be plenty more, but in the meantime, let us know in the comments which of this batch is your favorite.

Can any of these Pokémon dethrone the new most popular species?

Images: YouTube/Drago, The Pokémon Company

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