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New Batman JUSTICE LEAGUE Batsuit Breakdown!

Some intriguing news from the world of Super Hero High Fashion! A number of news sources were invited to take a tour of the Justice League set in London a few weeks ago. In addition to scoping out some massive new sets and  seeing some of the team in action, they also got an up close glimpse of two brand new Batsuits the Dark Knight will be rocking when that film hits screens next November. Sadly, no one was able to come away with any pics of the 2017 Wayne Tech Fashion line. But just the descriptions are enough to get us excited!

According to Sean O’Connell at Cinema Blend, Justice League will be featuring not one, but two new flavors of Batsuit. The first, Batsuit Classic, won’t look much different than the one we saw in Batman v Superman, but will come equipped with some important upgrades–more armor underneath the grey mesh and a protective membrane inside the cowl, among them. O’Connell also says that inside of the cowl he saw “a mess of wires and gadgets” that we’re guessing will be used to help Batman stay in touch with his new multi-member super team.

The second all new suit, which is being referred to as the Tactical Suit, isn’t even done yet. The scenes it appears in won’t be shot for another two months and as Justice League Costume designer Michael Wilkinson jokes in the article, “two months is like two years in costume development time.” But even in its early stages the Tactical Suit sounds like it’s going to kick some serious ass when if finally steps in front of the camera. Says O’Connell, “it will have a lot more armor than the classic suit, yet it’s layered in such a way that it looks streamlined and streak.” The new armor comes into play late in the film when Wayne realizes he needs to step up his game if he wants to play in the same league as the Parademons and Demi-Gods invading his dimension.

What will all of this mean for everybody’s favorite pointy-eared protector in the movie to come? We want to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Let’s discuss!



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