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Twenty-six years ago, Will Smith began his transition from music star to television icon with The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Smith essentially played a version of himself as a teenager who was forced to move away from his roughneck hometown and in with his wealthy relatives, as related in the incredibly catchy theme song. Now, The Fresh Prince has a metal cover and we dare you not to sing along with it! It’s almost impossible, right?

Eric Calderone a.k.a. Erock is the man behind The Fresh Prince’s metal upgrade, and according to him, its been one of his most requested covers for four years. “I finally decided to build up the balls to tackle perfection,” wrote Calderone on his YouTube page. “I know this is the show’s version of the song which is cut a little shorter but I figured that’s the one everyone would sing along with anyway. What can I say? Grew up heavily on the Fresh Prince. Still love it today and still laugh my ass off.”

Last year, Smith reportedly began working on a reboot of The Fresh Prince, but the new version just won’t be the same without this song! Even today, that theme still inspires memes online. It’s a true TV classic, and we love it.

We also love Calderone’s metal covers, which we’ve covered a few times, including his recent take on the Captain America theme. You can find more of Calderone’s music at or his frequently updated YouTube channel.

What did you think about Calderone’s cover of The Fresh Prince theme? Share your opinions in rhyme in the comment section below!

And while we’re on the topic of Will Smith, check out our breakdown of the trailer of his upcoming movie Suicide Squad.

Image: Erock

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