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Drake Dances Like Carlton from THE FRESH PRINCE in ‘Hotline Bling’ Video

Yesterday, while Nerdist squad was begrudgingly watching Monday Night Football waiting desperately for that new Star Wars trailer, I was refreshing my Twitter feed, hoping that Drake would drop his promised music video for latest ubiquitous single, “Hotline Bling”. Having recently reasserted himself as king of the internet—hoisted up on a throne of co-signs, memes, and mixtapes—the release of the new video felt like a moment of singularity, or perhaps even a chicken-egg situation. What came first, the beautifully shot music video featuring James Turell installations and Drake cha-cha-ing like Carlton from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, or the memes? I don’t have an indisputable answer.

What I do have, because the internet is hella stupid, are some pretty dank-ass #DrakeAlwaysOnBeat memes, though. Below, check out Drake dancing along to the theme songs of Rugrats, Charlie Brown, Diddy Kong Racing, The Lion King, and my all-time-favorite Frasier. I dunno, man, here we go.

1. “Carlton Bling” can only mean one thing.

2. What would Niles and Frasier think of such boorish, debauched gyration? They would need several thimbles of sherry to cope, most certainly.

3. Is Kanye the Phil to Drake’s Lil? Check out Kanye grooving to the Rugrats song and decide for yourself. Tough call. 

4. Drake’s moves are almost as dirty as Pig-Pen’s disgusting, un-showered child body.

5. Drake sleeping on a booty as The Tokens belt “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” is a magical, if salacious, moment of internet perfection.

6. Okay, Diddy Kong Racing was a really difficult game, so seeing Drake breezily shimmy and grind along to the music is a little bit frustrating to be perfectly honest. 

Well, that was an unnecessary rabbit hole. Wonder what Left Shark thinks of this whole thing. Let’s check:


Cool, that’s what I thought.

Images via Cash Money Records/OVO; NBC

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