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SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY Hot Wheels Can Kessel Run All Over Your Home (Exclusive)

Han Solo has always had one of the best rides in the galaxy in the Millennium Falcon. But as cocky as he can be behind the controls of the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy, imagine if he were cocky enough to drive a car that looks…kinda like him. Also, imagine if everyone else in Solo: A Star Wars Story had the same idea. That’s the thinking behind the designs of Hot Wheels‘ new Star Wars character cars, which are hitting stores right now.

Gotta love how the white bumper implies the shiny-white, leading-man-clean teeth of Alden Ehrenreich.

Chewbacca, fittingly, is a bigger and more rugged vehicle, with a windshield patterned on his snow goggles (which he never needed on Hoth–Wookiee eyes must get tougher as they age).

Lando, on the other hand gets a ride that’s as super-fly as he is…and it’s an actual landau coupe with a Lando cape.

The stylish gambler is no childish bambino, but a man with a macho ride.

As a fan of the spin-off novels before they were ever called EU, I do miss Vuffi Raa, but this Lando is looking so smooth I think I can easily get over it. It’s like the ’60s Batmobile of Star Wars.

Each Hot Wheels car is 1:64 scale, and can either run on Hot Wheels tracks or be displayed in and out of package. Han, Chewbacca, and Lando are available now, to be followed later this summer by rides for Qi’ra, Range Trooper, and the mysterious masked Enfys Nest and Moloch. We’ll never tell you the odds of finding any given one, though, because Hot Wheels go as fast off the shelves as they do on plastic race tracks. And at $3.99 each, they’re among the most affordable Star Wars collectibles around.

Are you ready to corral this Correlian collection? Let us know with a comment.

Images: Mattel

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