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New SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY Battle Rollers from Mattel Hit Hyperdrive (Exclusive)

Last December we were the first to tell you about Mattel‘s new Hot Wheels Star Wars Battle Rollers, die-cast vehicles that use ball bearings so the biggest characters from the galaxy far, far away can keep their momentum longer when facing off. And now with Solo: A Star Wars Story ready to take off in theaters soon, they’re back with a new lineup inspired by our young favorite scruffy nerf herder and his friends, and we have your exclusive first look once again.

The newest additions include two different versions of Alden Ehrenreich’s Han Solo, the first of which has him driving the Millennium Falcon with all of the intensity of an amateur smuggler who’s in way too deep. We’re just as excited by his great hair as we are to see rocking that fantastic coat.

The second features Han in a land speeder, like the one he’s seen driving in with Qi’Ra at the start of the trailer for the film.

It is much easier to let your hair flow on speeder than a spaceship.

Of course Han wasn’t the original owner of the Millennium Falcon, so it’s only right Lando Calrissian gets his own turn to drive around in the magnificent (much cleaner looking) hunk of junk that once belonged to him. This is just the latest Solo toy that confirms Donald Glover’s young Lando is the coolest character ever, because it perfectly translates to Battle Rollers form too.

You can’t really have Han Solo without Chewbacca though, but don’t worry because our favorite Wookiee also gets a go in the Millennium Falcon. We definitely want to battle with Chewbacca when he looks this angry.

And it wouldn’t be much of a battle without at least one enemy to roll against, which is why we expect Han and his friends to do plenty of racing/escaping from this classic TIE fighter. The heroes might get younger, but the Empire’s masked villains never seem to age…

Han Solo might not want to hear this, but we still like the odds on the good guys winning.

All of the figures will be available this spring, just in time for Solo to hit theaters on May 25. Visit the gallery below to see the toys from more angles.

Which one of these battlers would you want to roll with? Race into our comment section below to let us know.

Images: Mattel

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