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Sailor Moon’s Chibiusa Gets Her Own Cafe In Tokyo

How many Sailor Moon cafes can Japan possibly have? Never too many, if you’re a fan of the popular manga and anime. Just this past January there was a Sailor Moon pop-up restaurant in Anion Station Osaka, and now it’s Tokyo’s turn. Japan’s capital city is getting its own cafe featuring the themed food and treats of Sailor Moon‘s Chibiusa.

At this limited time cafe they’ve gone above and beyond when it comes to the theme. All the menu items look and feel as if they’ve jumped straight out of the anime. There’s a Sailor Moon Special Hamburger (1,600 yen [$14.20 USD]) that’s topped with bacon and egg and sandwiched between pink buns tricked out to look just like a Sailor Moon Crystal Star. The dish comes with a side of pickled veggies and star-shaped tater tots.

sailor moon burger-04052016

Don’t even think of opening a Sailor Moon restaurant without an homage to Tuxedo Mask. Here Tuxedo Mask’s Nihilistic Pasta (1,300 yen [$11.84 USD]) is a spicy-sauced main dish with comes with a pie-crust version of Mamo-chan’s signature mask. Another special on the menu, Three-Variety Talisman Curry (1,450 yen [$13.21 USD]), comes with edible magical items from Sailors Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto all sauced in yellow, spinach, and squid ink roux.

The menu offers up some fancy alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks, but it’s the desserts that are the clear stand-outs. Sailor Moon loves ice cream so much she lists it as one of her hobbies (clearly we were separated at birth), and the desserts at the cafe definitely live up to the hype. The Heavenly Miracle Romance Parfait (1,250 yen [$11.39 USD]) consists of white chocolate cream, pie dough, colorful jelly sorbet, and four layers of raspberry, all topped off with an edible moon and tiny pink bow. While Chibiusa’s Custard Pudding a la Mode (1,100 yen [$10.02 USD]) contains Chibiusa’s pure heart crystal. I don’t know if this is edible, but I’m going to pretend it is because that would be amazing.

sailor moon luna-04052016

I may have let out a small scream when I saw the Luna P Ball Berry Mousse (1,200 yen [$10.93]). I mean dessert and cats, it’s like a dream come true. Aside from that, fandom food is so much better when it’s over-the-top themed-out and this dessert looks exactly like a delicious version of the Guardian Senshi advisor.

Super fans can even order a special dinner called “Moon Course.” For just 10,692 yen ($97.42) you get two dishes, a special cocktail, and an elaborate dessert named the “Silver Crystal of Vision.”

Check out more photos of the menu in the gallery below. The Chibiusa Cafe will be open in Tokyo’s Roppongi Hills from April 16 to June 19.

Which meal would you choose if you dined at the Chibiusa cafe? Let us know in the comments!

Images: Roppongi Hills, rocketnews24
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