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SAILOR MOON Teams Up With JINS for New Eyewear Line

Now you can fight evil by moonlight and look fly as hell by daylight, Sailor Moon fans! You’ve probably already got your cosplay down with dresses, shoes, and hair clips, but now you can add glasses to your Sailor Moon-inspired outfit too. Bandai’s Sailor Moon Crystal and Tokyo-based eyewear company JINS have teamed up to create a new line of Sailor Moon-themed specs!

There will be eight frames to choose from, covering the six Sailor Guardians as well as Princess Serenity and the Silver Crystal. They’re actually adorable. Bandai Premium will begin pre-orders on February 25, 2016 for the glasses, which come in blue for Sailor Moon, red for Sailor Mars, pink for Chibiusa, light blue for Sailor Mercury, green for Sailor Jupiter, and orange for Sailor Venus with patterns inside the frames for each character. The Princess Serenity glasses have crescent moons and Silver Crystal has a jewel embedded in the frames. You also get a wiping cloth with new character illustrations. The Guardian versions of the glasses and case retail for 8,532 yen (about $76) and 9,612 yen ($85), respectively. The Princess Serenity and Silver Crystal sets retail for 12,960 yen ($115). You can also get the lens cloths by themselves for 1,080 yen ($9.50). Orders will ship in July.

Need those glasses to actually see? The frames don’t have prescription lenses, but you can get JINS to add common ones for free. Uncommon ones can be accommodated, though there will be an additional charge. You can check them out in detail in our gallery below.

Will you be buying these? If so, let us know by tweeting me/us @JennaBusch/@Nerdist. If you do order them, you know we’re going to need pictures. If anyone knows that guy who dressed up in a Sailor Moon costume and crashed the Donald Trump rally, you might want to let him know about this. (Yes, we’ve included the video of that below. How could we not?)



HT: Anime News Network
Image credit: Bandai


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