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Head to the Sailor Moon Cafe to Dine on Your Favorite Guardian-Themed Dishes

Because fans of Japanese pop culture are so dedicated, they are often rewarded with amazing tributes to their favorite genres. Just look at all the Hello Kitty restaurants, the Dragon Ball Z food items, and more that have surfaced over the years. Now, fans of Sailor Moon win yet another way to consume their fandom: the new Sailor Moon Crystal Cafe pop-up at Anion Station Osaka.

A similar venture was opened last year in Shinjuku to fans’ delight. This time, Kansai gets its very own taste of moon-tastic treats. Like most Japanese theme restaurants everything is in line with the subject matter. The eatery didn’t simply name its dishes after Sailor Moon elements, but designed its meals thoughtfully as infusions of characters and storyline.

Japan is known for relating food directly to location. At the Sailor Moon Crystal Cafe, Namba versions of the dishes will be sold per the local Namba neighborhood. A specialty of the Namba region are takoyaki: savory dough balls filled with minced octopus. Takoyaki are said to be the spiritual food of Osaka and are featured prominently on this Sailor Moon themed menu.

Sailor Moon Usagi-01162016

On the menu is Usagi’s Not-So-Well-Made Rice Omelette, hilariously named after the character’s well-known clumsiness. The dish is served with takoyaki balls on the side, both as a nod to Namba and to the shape of Usagi’s familiar hairstyle.

Crystal Star Pancakes are stacked and decorated to look like a Crystal Star Compact, one of the items that Usagi used to transform into Sailor Moon. In this case, this is a much more fluffy and delicious version.

Drinks are a huge part of Japanese restaurants menus and here Sailor Moon-themed beverages come with a collectible coaster and, what else, a matching marshmallow.

Episodes of Sailor Moon Crystal will be show at the cafe while you dine and of course there’s plenty of merch to take home to remember your magical meal. The cafe is only open until February 14, so fans will have to act fast if they want to indulge in their favorite warrior food.

Check out the menu images in the gallery and let us know in the comments which Sailor Guardian speaks most to you!

IMAGES: Rocket News 24
H/T: Rocket News 24


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