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Weird Al Tackles Iggy Azalea’s Summer Hit in His Newest Video, ‘Handy’

Today marks the official halfway point of “Weird Al” Yankovic’s #8videos8days project and so far, it’s been one heck of a ride. From “Tacky” (which you can see the behind the scenes photos for right here) to “Word Crimes” and “Foil,” every parody has been top notch and their corresponding videos have been utter perfection. Not to mention the videos – “Tacky” and “Foil” in particular – have been filled with some stellar celebrity appearances.

Now, we know the real reason you came here today, so what do you say we jump right into the musician’s latest golden nugget: a parody of the Iggy Azalea tune that’s taken over the summer airwaves, “Fancy.” Al’s version is titled, of course, “Handy.” Check it out:


For our money, what really sells this video is the intentionally bad green screen. There’s a real art to making a fake cheesy TV commercial – the right combination of insanely out of balance color, the tacky (pun totally intended) pop-up text, the crazy chyron clip art, the seller desperately begging for you to “call him now” – and Weird Al has, not at all surprisingly, achieved it.

There’s no telling where the next video in the #8videos8days project is going to turn up or what song off Mandatory Fun it’s going to be for, but you can bet your sweet butts that it’s going to be excellent, because it’s Weird Al, and Weird Al is always excellent. Don’t refute us on this, this is scientific fact.

Did you enjoy the video? What popular song do you want to see Weird Al parody next? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. stace says:

    audio only, video not coming thru

  2. Sarreq Teryx says:

    o0  he even got Mario and Luigi as his backup dancers!

  3. McFeely says:


  4. Justus says:

    Enh. The video’s a clever parody of bad commercials, but the song left a lot to be desired. Much weaker than the others so far, and leagues behind the best of his old stuff.

    • Jack says:

      The weakness of the song is solely the fault of Iggy Azalea, as it was just a pitiful excuse for a song to begin with. 
      I’m not sure why Al even selected this song to parody, other than either he felt it matched up best with what he wanted to do, or he felt that enough people had been tortured by it, and, like a Justin Bieber radio barrage, people would hate it enough to enjoy a twist on it. 
      I’m not a fan of this video either, but all the others this week have been nothing short of awesome! 

  5. Tom G says:

    I wonder how many will get the Schneider reference?

    • Jack says:

      I noticed the Schneider ressemblance too, with the vest and the tool belt, but then I dismissed it based on the blonde hair.  Glad I’m not the only one who saw it. 
      On an unrelated sidenote, is anybody else here perplexed at how much he looks like John C. McGinley in this video?  (despite the fact McGinley has never sported this hairstyle, he’s probably best known as Dr Cox on the tv show “Scrubs”)

  6. SharlzG says:

    my intellectual verbose review of this video: baha. Love your work Al. Thanks for still making me smile after all these years 🙂

  7. jon G says:

     Uh, no. It’s lame. I have been listing to Al since he was first on Dr. Demento. I have not been impressed by this batch so far except for word crimes. Tacky? lame. Foil? one or two moments. Handy? a waste of time. Where is the clever, witty, way cool Al of old? Or is it that new music sucks so bad not even he can do anything with it? NO, Weird AL is NOT always excellent. THAT is a fact, and yes, I liked UHF. But enough with polishing his knob because he’s famous. You know well enough that 25 years ago Tacky would have been ‘because I’m gassy’ with some really cleaver lyrics about various foodstuffs. Credit where it is due, Word Crimes is pretty good.

    • It’s pretty obvious why you don’t like the Handy video. You’re a tool.

      • Jack says:

        Nah.  Handy is probably the only bad one in this bunch, so he at least has a point there.  I completely enjoyed Word Crimes, Tacky and Foil too, in that order. 
        Unfortunately, to borrow Jon’s words, Al didn’t have much to work with here, as “Fancy” was just 3 minutes of pure suck.  He improved it at least!  lol

  8. Paxie says:

    Does anyone else recognize the “Bag of Tricks”, or is that just me?

  9. Winslow says:

    The video link doesn’t work.

  10. Amanda says:

    The only song left I can really see him doing is Inactive the parody of Radioactive.