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Now Wait Just a Minute! The Best of April Fool’s 2015

In 2015, it seems that it should be harder than ever before to pull off a decent April Fool’s Day joke, especially on the Internet. The good news is that people are still trying, and the results have been, by and large, pretty entertaining. Here are some of the best the world wide web had to offer this year:



Funny or Die released the new way to make internet video in Dips: 1.5-second videos that will change the way we look at comedy and celebrity. Watch as Joel McHale, Will Ferrell, and our own Jonah Ray and Chris Hardwick tell their stories in just under 2 seconds.




Never one to discriminate, Google has finally found a way for the Bizarro in all of us to be able to search for what time 7suoirurF is playing this weekend.  Just open your browser and type “” and let the backwards information gathering begin.

Google Panda

Not to be outdone by their own website, Google also “released” the lastest in interactive technology. Never has learning the weather and nutritional information been cuter.

Robert Pattinson confirmed as Negan on The Walking Dead


In a report from MoviePilot, Alllanah Faherty led us to believe that the Twilight star would be portraying Negan, arguably the worst villan in The Walking Dead comic series, next season. The article was well done that I had to read all the way through to make sure it was actually a joke. Sometimes those are the best jokes, the ones that take their time before the reveal.



Are you tired of picking a movie your that your dog won’t like? Thanks to PetBox, that is a problem of the past. This weekend while you are watching Guardians of the Galaxy for the 20th time, your four legged pal can relax with his own copy of greats like Paws and 50 Shades of Greyhound.

Transformers/Fast & Furious Crossover of Ultimate Power MegaForce (Working Title)

Not wanting to be left out of the fun, today’s Nerdist News broke the story how Optimus Prime and Dominic Toretto will team up in 2017 for the action thriller super-smash up we always hoped could happen.

CERN Announces discovery of the Force 


Not suprisingly, the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) has decided that the Hadron Collider was not good enough, so they went ahead and discovered the mystical energy that gives a Jedi his powers.  Now, if they can UN-discover midi-cholrians, they will truly have made the world a better place.

Katie Couric pranks James Corden by faking her own death

For all two weeks that James Corden has hosted The Late Late Show, he has had one heart attack. This one was given to him by Katie Couric, who with the help of a stuntwoman and a flight of stairs, showed Corden she’s not ALWAYS a serious newswoman.

Amazon goes retro



When customers first logged in to, they might have felt like they were in a time warp. The Amazon homepage looked exactly like it did back in 1999. Clicking anywhere on the screen reverted in back to normal, but for a second, the younger set were probably asking themselves “CDs? What’s that now?”

Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet at the Smithsonian

The Smithsonian Institute debuted today the aircarft made famous by the world’s greatest Amazonian Warrior, Wonder Woman. No word on if there will be invisible t-shirts or invisible mugs in the gift shop. Also, no word on needing such a frivolous expense when Wonder Woman can fly.

Mad Max Power Wheels

Call us biased, but one of our favorites of 2015 was the one we had a hand in creating. At least while we’re waiting for Mad Max: Fury Road to hit theaters, we can watch this commercial for Desert Drifters Power Wheels over and over again, thinking of what might have been.

Honorable Mentions

Deadpool Rated ‘R.’

Think Geek’s Annual April Fool’s Catalog

PetCo’s Selfie Stick for Dogs 

I could go on and on, but these are some of the best from 2015.  What do you think? Which was your favorite? Was there one I missed? Do you think the Couch-to-5K app will REALLY work for me? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter.

IMAGE: Villans Wiki

[HT: MoviePilot, CERT]

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