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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: DC CINEMATIC UNIVERSE Updates

Guess whose got three stories and loves superhero movies? This show!

Join Jessica Chobot on today’s Nerdist News as she delves into three big DC Comics movie updates. I’m talking a lead actor for Suicide Squad, a director for Wonder Woman, and the dreaded return of an origin story you know all too well for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice! That movie may or may not be two hours of origin flashbacks — it’s still unconfirmed.

Thanks for watching the show today, don’t miss the Walking Dead parody we did with Hillywood, find out whether we could really live on a Halo in the latest Because Science, witness a real sexorcism on Real Housewives of Horror, and let us know in the comments below whether you think the DC Cinematic U is heading in the right direction!

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  1. The first time I read someone say that Dawn of Justice was recreating the murder of the Wayne as presented in the Miller comic book, I was a bit astounded that people would make a big deal about that since, I figured, that’s really the way it’s always been shown — then I remembered that no, it hasn’t. In fact, the last two times this was shown in a live-action movie (first the Burton version and then the Nolan version) several key details of the murder were altered.
    Burton, for instance, changed the killer to “Jack Napier”, a version of the Joker created specifically for the movie rather than use Joe Chill, while Nolan changed the venue the murder took place in from a movie theater to a performance theater I guess would be the apt term so that rather than coming out from watching Mark of Zorro Bruce and his parents had come out from watching Der Fledermaus.
    I haven’t seen Gotham yet, so I don’t know what the Wayne were doing (coming out of a movie, a play, or something else), and I know their killer’s identity is still a secret, but Dawn of Justice might well be the first time we ever see a faithful live-action adaptation of their murder.
    The Adam West TV show brushed that over, and I doubt the old black and white serials used it.
    So, yeah, we’ve seen the murder as it happened in the comics depicted in multiple cartoons over the years, but, to my knowledge, we’ve never seen that faithful depiction in live-action.

  2. How about studios just stop letting Zack Snyder make movies. It really seems he is on a one man mission to ruin comic book movies. He has failed so hard so many times. I really hope people don’t go waste their time and money seeing this sequel to the worst superman movie of all time.
    PS I don’t want to hear about what superman movies you think are worse because you won’t change my mind on the subject.

  3. JJ says:

    You have no idea how the shot will even be used. I can imagine that it will be short flashbacks while Batman is giving his story to Supes. And I’m sure that all of the other heroes will be in snap shots and cameos. 

  4. FleaBee says:

    So, is anyone else tired of all the DC/Marvell news? I am feeling over saturated and by the time the movies come out, I won’t care. I love Jess and think she is great, but don’t we nerds care about more that super heroes…

    I used to look forward to my daily Nerdist News, but now I sigh every time that I see the link picture showing Jess with some superhero… again.

  5. RedwoodCoast says:

    LOVE THE faux RAGE.  They are ALREADY leaking shit to drive people to see it NOW, cause they want expectations so LOW it will be perceived as a surprise.  ALREADY WAITING FOR THE REBOOT ANNOUNCEMENTS.   Lets hope they break through with one of the directors you listed.  So Maybe there will be hope for the “PRINCESS DI” movie after all.

  6. Keith says:

    I agree with your fake outrage. We really dont need another Batman intro. If you dont know about Batman by now, I dont know what you say. 

  7. AJ says:

    What does it matter, having Affleck playing batman is like casting Stephen hawking to play aquaman …smh

  8. Garrett says:

    DC is just utter chaos compared to Marvel. I really want them to get their stuff together so we can have a competitive superhero market, but the way DC is treating everything, I honestly just don’t care.

    • Nick Woodfin says:

      So far exactly one of the movies in the upcoming DC lineup has come out.  How can you already write it off?

      • Doug says:

        Because it was a character destroying mess. The thing that makes Batman V. Superman interesting is the “do what’s necessary” mindset v. “The ultimate Boy Scout”. But if the Man of Steel gave in and killed his foe in his first challenge, what’s the driver for their ENTIRE backbone of their universe???