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Here’s What It’s Like to Not Watch GAME OF THRONES

Think how weird and uncomfortable it would be to walk into work on Monday morning and have no idea who Jon Snow is, or what a “Khaleesi” might be. Game of Thrones, with its tens of millions of viewers around the globe, is such a worldwide phenomenon that it’s hard to imagine what it would be like to know nothing about it. (You got that reference, fellow awesome person.)

Well, it’s not that hard, because every workplace has that one person who doesn’t watch the show. And our very own Game-of-Thrones-obsessed office is no different. Cause we got this guy.

Nerdist Presents brings to you Andrew Bowser, co-host of Bizarre States, creator/star of Welcome to the Shadow Zoneand “that guy,” the one who has never seen Game of Thrones. Why hasn’t he seen it though? What does he do with his time? Does he understand how T.V. works? Does he understand how any of this works?

We’re not saying it’s an actual problem for us Bowser doesn’t watch the show…because we don’t have to say it. It’s obviously a problem, one that brings great shame on all of us. But mostly on him. Entirely on him.

We’re very ashamed of him.

Especially because he’s caused our tomato budget to go through the roof, like wildfire through the Sept of Baelor! (Haha, we know you got that one!)

He has promised us he’s going to binge the show soon, because we’ve been acting like total maesters trying to teach him why he should. He didn’t get that reference though.

Every office has one of them.

How do you treat your friend or colleague that doesn’t watch the show? There’s no shame in telling us in the comments below what you do.

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