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Ron Howard Narrates STAR WARS in Nerdist Presents ARRESTED REBELLION

Earlier this summer, Lucasfilm opted to replace directing duo Lord and Miller with Ron Howard for their developing Young Han Solo movie. We can speculate as to any number of reasons why Lord and Miller weren’t the right fit for the film, but it’s easy to see why Howard was chosen. Lucasfilm likely knew they could rest easy with an experienced, respected, and successful filmmaker taking the helm of its spaceship. But more important than any of that to us is what this unexpected union inspired here at Nerdist. Dare we say, its the very best way to incorporate Howard into the galaxy far, far away.

Narrator: “It isn’t.”

Nerdist Presents is proud to bring to you Arrested Rebellion, the Star Wars/Arrested Development crossover you didn’t even realize you needed, but now won’t be able to imagine what life was like before you had it.

Narrator: “You will.”

It’s hard out there for a space smuggler trying to run a business while navigating the dangerous world of the Empire. And that’s before trying to impress the girl of his dreams despite having to deal with her annoying brother and Sith Lord father. Fortunately for us it’s all a lot easier to follow–and a lot funnier–with Ron Howard’s omniscient Arrested Development narrator around to keep the characters honest.

Narrator: “For once, they were right.”


So sure, Lucasfilm might have wanted Howard because of his skills as a director, but wouldn’t it be better if they utilized his deadpan delivery as the world’s best narrator instead?

Narrator: “It certainly worked this time.”

What roles in Star Wars would you assign to Arrested Development characters? Who from the galaxy far, far away would you trust to run the Banana Stand? Narrate all of your thoughts for us in the comments section below.

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