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We’ve Created Our Own McWhopper in the Name of Peace

There is a war that has long lorded over this earth and terrorized all of humanity. I’m talking about the Burger Wars. Kings fighting clowns in the battle for taste buds, and finally, something is being done. Burger King has proposed a Burger War cease fire and is asking McDonald’s to join forces for one day in the name of peace.

Burger King wants the two burger giants to come together and form the McWhopper, “a big burger with big ambitions.” The result would be a creation that takes the most well-known traits of each to form one monstrous burger. It would be layered as such:

Big Mac-08272015


Six parts Whopper: bottom bun, flame grilled patty, pickles, ketchup, onions and tomato. On top of that follows six parts Big Mac: middle bun, special sauce, lettuce cheese, all-beef patty, top bun.

Peace Day is September 21 and Burger King wants to shine light on a good cause. According to Jeremy Gilly, founder of Peace One Day, the “McWhopper leads by example and shows a commitment to Peace Day.” And you thought it was just a burger.

Burger King has gone so far as to pick a location for the one-day event, created the packaging and staff uniforms. As of today, McDonald’s has already responded with a no. Really? Well, there goes all hope of world peace.

We here at Nerdist love a good mutant mashup and we’re (obviously) super on board with world peace, so we created our own homage to the McWhopper. Could we have gone to the two burger giants and bought two burgers and combined them? Of course, but peace begins by leading by example. You hear that, McDonald’s? Peace out.

Make up your own McWhopper and show us your creations by tagging @nerdistdotcom and @justjennrecipes on Instagram!

McWhopper recipe-08272015

-1 (3.75-inch) diameter sesame seed top bun
-1 slice American cheese
-1.6 ounce ground beef, shaped into a patty
-shredded iceberg lettuce
-special sauce (recipe below)
-1 (3.75-inch) diameter bottom bun
-sliced tomatoes
-sliced onions
-sliced pickles
-1/4 pound ground beef, shaped into a patty
-1 (5-inch) bottom bun

special sauce ingredients:
-1/4 cup mayonnaise
-1 Tablespoon French dressing
-1 teaspoon sweet pickle relish
-dash of garlic powder
-dash of onion powder
-sprinkle of paprika

In a pan over medium high heat, cook the 1.6 ounce ground beef patty to desired doneness.

On a grill over medium heat, grill the ¼ pound ground beef patty to desired doneness.

Assemble the McWhopper from the bottom up, as follows:

5-inch bottom bun, grilled patty, sliced pickles, ketchup, sliced onions, sliced tomatoes, 3.75-inch bottom bun, special sauce, shredded lettuce, 1.6 ounce beef patty, cheese and top it off with a 3.75-inch sesame seed bun.

Serve immediately.

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