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LABYRINTH Funko Pop! Figures Will Make Your Wishes Come True

If there are two things we know about the world at large, they’re that people love weird and creepy puppet movies, and people love David Bowie. Oh, a third thing: people love little black-eyed figures of their favorite anything to put on their desk or shelf. Those three are the major things. Funko is yet again continuing its domination of each and every intellectual property in the zeitgeist by adding another beloved ’80s classic to their Pop! catalog. We already told you that the Jim Henson fantasy The Dark Crystal was coming your way, and now Labyrinth is apparating too!

Funko announced on Tuesday that four Pop! vinyl figures from the 1986 “family” film will be hitting the market in September, and they look pretty cool, you guys. Jareth the Goblin King is the natural centerpiece of these, with Funko really going all out with replicating David Bowie’s boss hair and fabulous makeup. They also didn’t shy away when it came to his infamous, err, little goblin king.

You can also get Sarah (as played by a young Jennifer Connelly) who comes with a tinier figurine of her faithful companion Worm. The self-effacing Hoggle is also among the four, as is a larger, 6″ figure of the adorable behemoth that is Ludo. You can stage your own adventure with everybody, and make your own hands be the terrifying helping hands, or whatever you do with your toys; it’s your life.

Now, while we’re certainly delighted for these to come out in September, we certainly hope they’ll be followed by a Sir Didymus and Ambrosius set, because you truly can’t have an adventure in the Labyrinth without those two nuggets. You can see a full gallery of the four announced figures below!

And let us know your favorite and which you hope follow in the comments!

Images: Tri-Star Pictures; Funko

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