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Because Science

How Does CatDog Poop?

The greatest questions in life: Why are we here? Is there a god? Where does CatDog’s poop go? Today on Because Science we will attempt to sufficiently answer one of those questions. The dumb one. We’re answering the dumb one.

In my latest Because Science, I’m tackling this surprisingly well debated question that many have had since CatDog was on Nickelodeon. (Thanks to everyone who tweeted and voted; I wouldn’t be doing this without your help. I’m trying to include a poll in most episodes now, so follow me to determine what we talk about.)

So, although the show alludes to the fact that CatDog does in fact go to the bathroom, it also suggests that what comes in one mouth goes out the other — some kind of horrifying reverse Human Centipede.

With two contradicting theories — no I’m not going to just stipulate another dimension filled exclusively with CatDog poop — I decided to go for another option. I don’t think CatDog poops at all. That may sound even more unbelievable, but there are in fact organisms that live their whole lives without pooping. Most of you reading this right now have those organisms living and dying (and reproducing) on your face. No, really.

On your face.

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