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David Bowie’s LABYRINTH Soundtrack is Getting a Vinyl Reissue

Get ready to have a remastered dance magic, dance in the middle of your living room (ballgown and all), because David Bowie’s Labyrinth soundtrack is finally getting a vinyl reissue! While everyone has their own entry point into Bowie‘s beautifully strange, always evolving music and charm, many of us discovered him as children through the 1986 film Labyrinth. As the dangerously debonair Goblin King, the musician introduced a generation of young weirdos to Jim Henson’s wonderfully bizarre puppet adventures, Bowie and Trevor Jones’ incredible soundtrack and score, and probably sparked a billion sexual awakenings, to boot. The soundtrack features five original songs by Bowie, and for the film’s 30th anniversary, it’s getting a vinyl reissue from Capitol Records.


This is the first time the soundtrack has been released on vinyl in (duh) 30 years. While you can stream it on Spotify or old burned CDs you made in high school, the 120 gram black vinyl remastered version comes with a replica of the original jacket and artwork, with an additional inner sleeve featuring photos of Bowie from the film.

While “Magic Dance” is certainly the most well known track that Bowie wrote for the film, it’s the haunting songs from Jareth and Sarah’s iconic ballroom dance (“As The World Falls Down”) and final confrontation (“Within You”) that always stuck with me. Those two in particular highlight the dark chemistry between these two characters (that, yes, is inappropriate given the age difference, but you tell that to a bunch of 12 year-old boys and girls) and the ethereal sadness tinged with Sarah growing up and out of this magical world.

And “Chilly Down” can go straight to heck because that scene is still terrifying.


Labyrinth Official Soundtrack Tracklisting:
01. Opening Titles Including Underground
02. Into The Labyrinth
03. Magic Dance
04. Sarah
05. Chilly Down
06. Hallucination
07. As The World Falls Down
08. The Goblin Battle
09. Within You
10. Thirteen O’Clock
11. Home At Last
12. Underground

The Labyrinth soundtrack vinyl reissue will be available on May 12th, but you can pre-order it on Amazon right here right meow. If you’re jonesing for even more Labyrinth, though, there are plenty of 30th anniversary special editions to check out. McFarlane Toys just announced a gorgeous rendering of Jareth that’ll only run you $20, Insight Editions released the extensive Labyrinth: The Ultimate Visual History, Jenn Fujikawa rounded up a bunch of Labyrinth-inspired items for Home Geekonomics, and BOOM! Studios continues their line of awesome graphic novels and comics based in the Labyrinth universe.

Plus there’s a Bowie-less sequel in the works, but… let’s not talk about that.


Are you excited about a vinyl reissue of the soundtrack? What’s your favorite song from the film? Let us know in the comments below!

Rachel Heine is the Editor-in-Chief of Nerdist and (clearly) a die-hard Labyrinth fan. Send her Bowie gifs on Twitter @RachelHeine.

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